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I am thrilled with the 5 but have discovered the bezel is very easily scratched.

Naturally, I have been polishing my new toy, even that appears to mar the edges.


Of course I've got a case for it-and I don't want to give the idea these marks are huge.


Took it into the store and the response was these marks are due to normal wear and tear.


My point is the 4s sure seems to be much more durable, finish wise.


Anyone else notice the delicate finish?

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    Indeed, Andy.  I have read elsewhere on other forums or media outlets and would like more information about what can be done to rectify this.  After one day I noticed not just a scuff on the chamfered front edge but a bent, sharp edge from the aluminum sticking up. I could cut myself on it by just running my finger over it.  I babied it and could not understand how it got there.  The only thing I could think of was from when I rolled the phone from back to front with my fingers and my wedding ring bumped it.  Frustrated, I rushed to AT&T to buy a case and ask about this problem to which they said many people are having this issue.  I can understand having coverage for incidents but it is clearly a design flaw in the material choice when the casing doesn't even withstand a bump from a ring.  Later, I found that even when I removed my new iSpeck case from the phone, it dented another part of the edging just from the force of my finger.  This is not from a result of wear and tear.  This is clearly a bad choice of materials.  I have purchased every iPhone since the beginning and coddled each one and have never witnessed the iPhone fail with such minimal use!

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    I just removed my case today to find my phone is bent. Yes I do put my phone my front pocket which is the only way that would cause enough pressure to bend the phone. I agree the materials are not made for everyday wear and tear. I have owed the 3G and 4 but with the 5, it seems weight and thickness outweighed the common user. I believe the antenna or band is made of a lighter and softer material which the 4 was a more rigid design. Along with the glass back providing support and being thicker, the iPhone 5 loses that. My phone bent at the thinnest metal point by the volume down button. I hope apple addresses this as the softer metal is surely a design defect. As of right now, I was told I damaged the phone by putting it in my pocket. Sorry but my 3G and 4 did not scuff or bend from being in my pocket.

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    I cant understand why there arent more poeple noticing this. My 2 day old iphone has a small scratch from a day and a half use and it has a cover on it. The bezel seems to be made of just painted aluminium and as it is a soft metal it will scratch and leave the metal uncovered. Very very bad design, the bezel should be the hardest part of the phone.


    I posted a coment about this that was removed. someone obviously does not like this problem being vented so I will start a nother page.


    So unpleasent looking at this lovely phone scratched. My question was why make a beautiful phone only to have to cover it up with a heavy case that takes away all of the beauty and adds all the weight back on

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    Mine was scratched out of the box, scuffs next to the lightning port.  Can't say I am too impressed after spending a good amount of money on the SIM free version, I had hoped the finish would have been more resilient.

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    If it was made durable, it wouldn't break easily and you wouldn't have to spend more money on applecare or buying a replacement. - bad business!

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    Not a question of breaking. Everyone knows that manufacturers will render your electronics useless after a few years, this is just bad design or bad use of materials.


    I have never bought  anything from apple that spoils this easily. A 700 euro phone that is scuffed in a few days? What the **** is this? Are we really talking about the most expensive phone on the market?

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    This goes beyond the fact that the phone doesn't even work as a phone. I know what to blame At&t for and I know what to blame Apple for. This is just poor on all fronts. All the wi-fi issues, the yahoo mail bugs. I might just go get a 4S becuase it was a better build. What were they thinking? This is a major slip up. Just the one Microsoft was looking for now that their Surface was a big flop.

  • n3nto Level 1 (15 points)

    I dont want the samsung I want  an Iphone that wont scratch.


    I have had 2 posts removed about this subject. The moderators seem to think that this is not a hardware issue... I disagree with them.


    This IS a hardware issue, the iphone 5 does not keep in resonable and expectable condition through no fault of the clients.

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    Its a design 'feature' - designed to keep getting more money from customers

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    A poorly implemented one at that !!



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    I have purchased every iPhone since the beginning and I always take very good care of them. I had an iPhone 4 for 2 years, used it without a case and it doesn't have a single scratch, almos in meant condition. I just bought my iPhone 5, I kept it with the protective cover while baking it up from my last iPhone and when I removed the covers, my phone already had a dent in the bezel.....I'm concerned that my phone is not going to last in good condition

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    So many bad news about iPhone 5,i think it's a wise decision to keep with 4s,iPhone 5 is not worthy.