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My wife and I share a grocery list on a shared reminders list.  We are having an issue that whenever one of us adds to the list the other person doesn't receive any sort of notification.  The correct settings in the notification center are selected alerts, badges, etc. but nothing happens.  I would love for there to be a notification when something was added to the list just like when an event is added to a shared calendar... is that possible?


Thank you for any and all help!



iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
  • randers4 Level 9 Level 9 (62,540 points)

    The option to share reminders appears to have been dropped from iCloud.  Hopefully it will be restored again.  That may be why your notifications stopped.  If you want to see this restored, you can give Apple this feedback here:

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    Thank you for getting back to me!    I am slightly confused as I am currently sharing reminders with my wife's iphone and we are both on ios 6.  On my MB running 10.8.2 I selected the reminders app and if you hover over a reminders list, the option to share that list comes up.  I just did this 1 hr ago so I know can share reminders.



    The issue is just the notifications. 

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    Sorry.  What I meant is that the option to share reminders is no longer there for anyone that hasn't already set them up.  I was speculating that this may be the root cause that's effecting your notifications as well.

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    But I just set it up an hour ago... the option to share reminders is still there, that's where I am confused.

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    Ah, didn't notice you were running iOS 5.1.1.  I think this was removed for people running iOS 6.  When I sign into iCloud the option to share reminders isn't there; and I've heard this from others as well.

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    Both my wife and I are running IOS 6.  She has a 4s and I have a 5.  It is gone if you go to icloud, but if you have Mountain Lion you can open the reminders app from there and share a reminders list.

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    There's a video link I shared earlier that runs through that process.

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    Didn't realize that; thanks for letting me know.  Apple's documentation apparently hasn't caught up with the ML change.  It still shows doing this on, which as you point out, isn't there any more.

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    Right, it seems very strange that they removed it from icloud while only having the option available on the ML Reminders app. 


    I guess things are still catching up so I shouldn't complain that there aren't notifications.  I'll keep trying though!  It would be helpful.  All the best mate!



  • randers4 Level 9 Level 9 (62,540 points)

    You too.  BTW, I heard the same thing from another person yesterday who was sharing reminders...his notifications stopped working.

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    So Derekeys - are you no longer able to share Reminders between your two IOS 6 iPhones?


    I can share from my MBP (running Mountain Lion) to the iPhones but not between the iPhones themselves

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    I am able to use shared reminders between the iPhones.  Once I Share the option for the iPhones and both parties accept then it works on all the phones.


    When you share the reminder on Mountain Lion to the phone, does the intended recipient confirm through an email?

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    Hi Derekeys,

    I've just discovered exactly the same issue.  I have just set up a Christmas shopping list on my Mac.  I've configured it to share with my wife.  My wife has added a bunch of items to the list, but I've NOT been notified of the changes she has made.

    I have other shared lists with my wife, and I get notified (via email) when she makes these changes.  I was able to set up email notification prior to iOS 6.

    Shared reminder lists I have set up before notify me via email.  My new shared reminder list does NOT notify me via email.

    I have been looking everywhere to find if there's a setting I'm missing, but the options and menus seem to have disappeared.

    Very annoying!

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    Agreed.  No solutions have presented yet.  I'm glad it works in its basest function, but I wish it would "just work".

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