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So many people have been trying desperately to find a way to cancel an unwanted OTA iOS 6 download. I was one of them.  Apple provides no way to cancel the download (which is unbelievable) and they don't allow users to downgrade (which is unbelievable).  A TON of users have also discovered that iOS 6 is just magically downloading to their device completely without their permission (which is just sad). 


Once the iOS 6 download started on my iPhone 4, I realized it would remove Google Maps & YouTube and freaked out, & started trying to cancel the download.  The ONLY way was to disable WiFi until I found a solution.  Having WiFi disabled for days caused me to eat up A LOT of my data plan.  Thanks a lot, Apple. 


So, since Apple won't let you downgrade if you went ahead & installed it, and Apple won't help AT ALL if you don't want iOS 6, I had to figure it out myself.  Here's what I did....


The stupid iOS 6 update that nobody wants needs a certain amount of free space in order to download & install.  I had started the download & then disabled WiFi, so the download was paused.  While it was paused, I set my video camera to record in an attempt to take up ALL of the remaining space left on my phone & it sat there & recorded for like 2.5 hours (ugh) before it finally alerted me that there was not enough space to record anymore.  Then, I went back in & enabled WiFi & checked the piece of junk iOS 6 install & it now said it couldn't download b/c there wasn't enough space.


I was VERY happy to have my WiFi back, but I figured this solution still s ucks b/c now I can't download any apps or take any more pics or vids.  About 30 minutes later, though, I went back to the iOS 6 download screen & a message popped up saying there wasn't enough space.  When I hit "Close" or whatever to clear the message, the download had reset & gone back to the "download & install" button.  FINALLY!!  That is how I was able to stop the download & installation of iOS 6.  THANK GOD.  I want nothing to do with it, and there is NO WAY Apple is taking my Google Maps or YouTube. 

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.2