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I just got my new iPhone 5 and am trying to restore my contacts from my blackberry. When I plugged in my iPhone there was this notification 'the USB driver not recognized'. I thought it was because iPhone 5 is new so I updated all the system using Windows Update, but still doesn't help. I opened the Device Manager and under I saw that there was a yellow exclamation mark on one of the under Universal Bus Controllers, saying 'unknown device'.

Can somebody help me please?

iPhone 5
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    I've actually read the article, but I don't think that's the case as I've got no problems with my iPhone 4S.

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    Apple isn't like a blackberry or android phone allowing you access to root files. You can only copy/restore items via itunes sync or iCloud, if that helps any.


    As long as itunes recognizes your phone, you should be able to direct it to where you want it to obtain your contact files from though I have never tried doing a blackberry to iphone push.


    Good luck!

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    I saw in another thread that there has to be something on the camera roll in the phone before windows USB will recognize the device. Not sure about that but worth a try. Snap a photo


    Also, you could restore from your 4S backup on itunes if that helps. When it asks to copy from backup, you can scroll to your latest 4S backup file. Or even from icloud.com if you ever stored your contacts in icloud.

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    Hi pancenbagas, did you happen to find a solution for this? I'm trying to restore my new iPhone 5 with my Windows XP and it says USB doens't recognize the device either.

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    If you are having a USB driver issue, you need to uninstall iTunes and then reinstall it. The USB drivers for the phone are in the iTunes installation. Make sure you uninstall and reinstall by following this support document to ensure it works properly http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1857.

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    Hi yoyoferro


    Sorry it took me long. Haven't visited this forum for awhile.

    Yes, I did find the solution. It was only because I hadn't updated my Windows. Soon as I did, I restarted my PC, and ... voila! It worked perfectly fine. My PC recognized my iPhone 5 straight away. So, I didn't go that far as uninstalling and reinstalling my iTunes. FYI, I use Windows 7. Windows XP should be able to recognize it as well, I suppose.

    Hope this helps. Good luck.

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    Same problem here.  I spent an hour and a half at the Apple store last night trying to get this fixed along with some other issues with the phone.  The technician ended up uninstalling and reinstalling software from both my PC and iPhone which fixed some things but not this.  Oddly enough, when the software was reinstalled on my computer, I did get the pop up that says new hardware was detected.  However, when I go into My Computer, it does not find the device.


    I have updated my drivers and Windows XP.  I have gone into the Add Hardware in Control Panel and followed the suggestions from the Wizard but nothing seems to work.  I don't know what else to try and don't know if it's a Windows issue or an Apple issue or a combination of both.

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    The only way the phone will show up in My Computer is if there are photos in the Camera Roll. If there are no photos there, the phone will not show up. The iPhone does not have a disc mode like the older iPods did. There is no access to the file system on the phone with the exception of importing photos from the camera roll to the PC via the Scanner and Camera Wizard.


    If you have photos in the Camera Roll and still do not see the device, it is more than likely a driver issue, since you have iTunes reinstalled. It is difficult sometimes when it comes to Windows XP.

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    Thank you ChrisJ4203.  That did the trick. 

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    there is full access to files in you install a tool like ifunbox (doesn't need any JB). its just that itunes does not provide file access.

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    You're welcome.