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Half year ago, I spent 400 USD of my hard-earned money on a Beats Wireless headset (v2).... LOVE that headset... great sound when playing music and very good sound quality too when talking on the phone (iPhone 4S).


However, since "upgrading" to iOS 6, my Beats Wireless headset keeps on stopping when I play music (or skips parts of the music)... it is ANNOYING to say the least!


It's my understanding that it's a known problem, but WHY does Apple not DO anything about it??? The issue has been there for a long time now, and people who use Bluetooth in their cars have reported issues with using Bluetooth, too! Apple actually puts the lives of those drivers in danger by not fixing the problem!!




I am just SO disappointed by Apple and iOS6... I am strongly comtemplating selling my iPhone and NEVER go back to an Apple product again!!!!!