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Half year ago, I spent 400 USD of my hard-earned money on a Beats Wireless headset (v2).... LOVE that headset... great sound when playing music and very good sound quality too when talking on the phone (iPhone 4S).


However, since "upgrading" to iOS 6, my Beats Wireless headset keeps on stopping when I play music (or skips parts of the music)... it is ANNOYING to say the least!


It's my understanding that it's a known problem, but WHY does Apple not DO anything about it??? The issue has been there for a long time now, and people who use Bluetooth in their cars have reported issues with using Bluetooth, too! Apple actually puts the lives of those drivers in danger by not fixing the problem!!




I am just SO disappointed by Apple and iOS6... I am strongly comtemplating selling my iPhone and NEVER go back to an Apple product again!!!!!

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    Somehow I have my doubts that Apple cares at all about their customers... I strongly doubt they will fix it and will just give us this POS reply that "Apple can't be held responsible for third party appliances not working after a software update".

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    Geez, you guys aren't helpful....

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    I have the same problems with my Beats Wireless connect to iPhone 5. Please fix

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    I concur.  I have the same problem with my Wireless Beats and my iPhone5.  Skipping and disconnecting mid song.  I'm hoping this will get fixed with the next update.  Funny thing is, my other bluetooth devices, jaybird, LG soundbar work fine...  I don't know who to point the finger at because it worked fine prior to upgrading my iPhone4 w/ iOS6.

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    iOS 6 contains Bluetooth v4.0. If the headphones will not work with that, the first place to check is the headphone manufacturer and see if it supports Bluetooth v4.0. I have a Blue Ant bluetooth headset that works, and a 2012 Hyundai Sonata that is working as well with Bluetooth.

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    I have a similar issue as listed, I have a just purchased a set of wireless Beats they will not even pair up with my iphone 5 (ios6.0.1) or my Creative D100 bluetooth speaker, however my Ipad 3 (ios 6.0.1) pairs up and works fine with both devices??? has anyone got any suggestions please....................

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    Same issue, pairs fine, but intermittently loses connection.  Help!!

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    I am having the same issues. The connection drops ever couple of hours and I have to reboot headphones. I don't know if this is an apple problem. I have another pair of Bluetooth headphones that run all day without a problem on my iPhone 4S. I am taking the beats back today and looking at the denons.

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    iOS 6 implements Bluetooth 4.0. There is a bug in the Beats Bluetooth 2 driver which causes problems. Beats is aware of this and has a firmware update to correct it. Contact Beats to get your device updated to this firmware.