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Still having connectivity problems after IOS 6 update on my sons Ipad 2.


Have tried all the "fixes" posted here, but my sons IPad 2, which he uses daily for college, is dropping WLAN every 10-15 minutes. Seems to be connected to power, as wandering about the house can reconnect the system; the system worked flawlessly on 5.1.1 for its entire period, to the extent that he now uses Ipad as his "machine of choice" for college.


That has changed in the last few days however - he inadvertently updated to IOS 6 (thought it was just normal updates) without backing up the previous OS, and is now unable to revert to a working system, as he has no SHSH blobs saved,


It is abundantly obvious that the camp is divided on restoring the OS to a previous version; most "acolytes" state simply "it cant be done" - a little arrogant in my opinion as it quite clearly "could" be done if Apple would reopen the restore window. Given the unholy mess that this update seems to have created, I would deem it highly desirable for Apple to do JUST THAT, at least until they fix the problems with IOS 6.


Ancient comparison - you buy a Ferrari (why?) and take it into the shop for a service - whilst there, the mechanic upgrades the engine with a new fuel injection system that only supplies half the previous power, and cuts out every ten minutes. When you question his competence/parentage, and demand a reinstall of the old parts, you are told "nope, it cant be done".


So you end up using your Ferrari for trips to the mall and keeping chickens in.


Please note my gripe has nothing to do with the removal of Google maps or any other recently demised feature (other features are available!) - although I personally consider that censorship in the "land of the free" is a LEEEEEETLE bit spooky....


My problem is with the fact that a machine that WAS working, is no LONGER working because SOMEONE hasn't done their homework, and the headmaster seems to want to punish us ALL for that.


Come on guys - admit it - you F***ED up!


Any thoughts?

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