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Hi at all,


my mac stands in the basement and work as a server - i using ethernet, with structured cabling with WLAN access point on each floor. In the first floor are the kitchen and living room where we use ipads and iphones, connected over to the network over airport express WLAN access points. I've learned that itunes WLAN-Sync just work, if the mac and the iphones are in the same WLAN-Network.

For this function i tried to use the mac WLAN-interface. The WLAN field strenght throught the ceiling is strong enough for that. But - it seems to me, i've got problems with bonjour names. Then i switch on the WLAN interface, any later i got a message like "mac.local is in use, take mac-1.local" - may "mac-1.local" is now used for the WLAN-interface. I'm confused because that is my opinion or idea, but i can't check that - and sometimes connections lost.

Can i define each bonjour name for each network interface - and what will happend with itunes, connected through different bonjour names ...


pls help

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.1)