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Zunjine Level 1 (0 points)

I'm trying to transfer songs to my iPhone but I keep getting a message pop up that says "Some of the files were not copied to the iPhone “iPhone” because iTunes Match is enabled on this iPhone.


I don't understand what this wants me to do. Why should having iTunes Match enabled stop me transfering songs from my iTunes library?

iPhone 5, iOS 6, Macbook Pro running Mountain Lion.
  • Jim Rand1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem.  I travel a good deal on long flights where I can't access my iCloud music.  I want to download at least part of my itunes library by syncing to my phone, without having to manually download each tune wirelessly.

  • gldoorii Level 1 (15 points)

    That's just "how it works". If you have iTunes Match enabled, then you can no longer manually sync other music. Though, if you have other music on your computer and you have iTunes Match, then there is no real reason those tracks shouldnt be in iTunes Match themselves therefore allowing you to download them through the Cloud.


    Obviously, unless they're tracks that will not sync with Match.

  • Zunjine Level 1 (0 points)

    Really? This doesn't sound right at all. Why would having iTunes Match on stop me adding other music that's in my iTunes library? Can you point me to something official about this because that seems pretty strange. I mean, it's not like I'm trying to add music from a different iTunes account.

  • gldoorii Level 1 (15 points)

    I don't have any "official" links showing that that's how it works, but it's just known ever since the beginning of iTunes Match that that was the stipulation. Either you sync music manually, or you use iTunes Match. What other music are you trying to add? What I mean is, why isn't that music just put into iTunes Match? From what I understand...there is a small percentage of music out there that is "not eligible" for being matched or uploaded with the service, which is why some might not subscribe to the service. Is that the problem you're experiencing? If it's not, then all your music should be Matched or Uploaded to the service anyways.

  • ZeroHourSoftware Level 1 (0 points)

    Personally, I don't understand why I have to waste bandwidth to download songs from Apple's servers that are right here on my computer.  I have an audio book in iTunes Match which is already on my laptop.  Downloading that book alone over 3G would eat up my entire monthly bandwidth, so I am forced to do it at home over Wi-Fi, but even my home ISP has a cap on service so now I have to waste a good few GBs of my cap at home just to re-download files that are RIGHT HERE on my computer.  I think there should be a way that, if the files are already verified on iTunes Match, you should be able to transfer them onto your phone from your computer.  It just seems like such a waste of bandwidth.  This is just but one reason I'm not going to renew iTunes Match unless it changes for the better.

  • Meeckle Level 1 (0 points)

    Has there been any update on this problem? It's ridiculous that transfer by USB is unavailable with Match active! it makes no sense.

  • susanology Level 1 (0 points)

    I only started using iTunes match so I could get some of my music to play inside an app (Zombies run).

    Now I seem to be having all sorts of problems with music I KNOW I paid for, but will not sync, and iTunes "can't find the license". Some of this music was downloaded through non-iTunes sites (paid), and some was ripped from CDs that I own. It seems I have to re-rip from the CDs now...


    Also -- I have recordings of conference audios. These will not be available in the cloud, because they are not publicly distributed. According to this thread, I will no longer be able to sync these recordings in order to listen to them on my iPod touch.


    Some of my playlists will not upload at all, because they supposedly contain things that "are not music". What these things are, who knows, because i don't see anything but music.


    I'm also getting mysterious symbols ... dotted circles, exclamation marks in circles ... no idea what these mean. (So much for the intuitive interface.)


    I'm actually rather sorry I put Match in place ... solved one small problem and caused a bunch of bigger new ones. Plus is taking a huge amount of time to figure out what is going on and address the issues.

  • susanology Level 1 (0 points)

    Actually, I can now see part of the problem. Itunes has removed everything purchased before 2011 from my "purchased" list. Grrrr.

    But some of the removals are so seemingly random ...

  • Or8or Level 1 (0 points)

    Yeah, I hate this. If iTunes Match actually worked over cellular it wouldn't be a problem, but it seldom does. So I have no way of adding tracks to my iPhone and can't reliably stream them off the cloud. Brilliant Apple! A complete f-up of a very basic function of my phone.


    I mean this is really insane.

  • Or8or Level 1 (0 points)

    Actually, just figured out another partial solution:


    While connected to a solid Wifi network go into your music lists and "Download All" any albums or playlists you particularly want to have on your phone. This way the physical files will be on your phone. It's not great but it's better than turning Match off completely and managing your songs manually.


    Stupid system.

  • djgude Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a Bjork EP with six songs. Match only recognizes three of the songs. On my phone I can see the other songs are in my library but I can neither stream them NOR download them with wifi or cable onto my phone.


    The more I become familiar with itunes match the more I am disappointed

  • jfiguerohunk Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi! Need help here. Apple Music is in the brink of messing up my library of 40K+ of songs.


    Over the weekend, on my iPhone 6+, i updated to Apple Music. Chose the Merge option since replace sounds too absolute. Apple Music integrated wonderfully with my existing songs and playlists.


    When i got home Sunday, I tried to add songs and revise my playlists on my iMac. Now i do not have internet connection except on my mobile thus my iTunes on my iMac is not up to date. iTunes didn't allow me to add songs to my device with the prompt, "cannot add because this device it using iTunes Match". I did not subscribe to match but i understand that it came with Apple Music. With that i decided i didn't need Apple Music nor iCloud Music Library. I turned them off on my device. My whole previous library on my device got deleted.


    Now I thought it must be an upgrade issue. I decided to back up some songs and playlists on an external hard disk which i plan to load on my phone using my Macbook Pro. I went to work using my Macbook Pro. At work i have pretty decent internet connection. On my Macbook Pro, i urged my iTunes to the latest available. Still I can't load my playlists on my iPhone using the latest version of iTunes. Upon loading my playlists, no songs were included therein. How do fix this problem?

  • Brskiz Level 2 (265 points)

    Quite a pickle if I do say. A lot if he confusion lies in understanding the whole relationship with Apple Music and iTunes Match. I hope I can help her but I may need for particulars to fix what you created. iTunes Match isn't part of Apple Music which is really a platform by which you rent all the music you want on a monthly basis. ITunes Match is a storage and access service that will keep the uploads of CD', etc. while letting you download them to your device. Ago kg you lose your cd collection or even your iPhone, purchasing a new one and signing in with your Apple ID will ensure your music is back where it was. If you signed into Apple Music regardless of turning it off, your now operating under the parameters of that service. Also, iCloud Music Library is the new term referring to music in the cloud. It is used regardless of whether your using Apple Music or iTunes Match.

  • CeruleanSins11 Level 1 (0 points)

    I don't know the relationship between iTunes Match and Apple Music but I turned on the free trial for Apple Music and hit the switch toggle telling it that they should not auto-bill/auto-enroll me when the trial ended.  I have not enabled iTunes Match on my phone or PC (in iTunes Store) but I got the same error telling me that it could not transfer music- in this case audiobooks ripped from CD long ago- because iTunes Match was enabled.  I ended up going into my settings on my phone: Settings-->Music-->toggled off the iCloud Music Library.  This enabled me to move files from my iTunes Library on my PC onto my phone again.

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