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IPhone 4S (upgraded to IOS 6 OTA) connects to cellular data while sleeping/locked. I have an AirPort Extreme 4th Generation the phone connects to when awake, but at night it's using cellular data even though it has an "excellent" connection according to Airport Utility.


My second iPhone 4S upgraded to IOS 6 using iTunes shows no problem.


Why did Apple only release a carrier update for iPhone 5 since more iPhone 4S are in service and affected?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
  • matrixxzero Level 1 Level 1

    Apple acknowledges issue and sends a fix to Verizon users phones!


    New Knowledge Base for this even.


  • Dr. Honeydew222 Level 1 Level 1

    I just received a text this morning from ATT saying I have already used 65% of my data and i'm only 3 days into the billing cycle.  I checked my data usage and there are some major 85mb data transfers happening at 3 or 4 am when the phone is supposed to be asleep and is on my home wifi.  I also have an iPhone 4S.  This is not an iPhone 5 issue this is an iOS 6 issue. 

  • Dr. Honeydew222 Level 1 Level 1

    PS.  I have noticed that when I wake my iphone 4S up it sometimes takes 15 - 30 seconds for the 4G symbol to be replaced by the WiFi symbol. 

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    I have the same issue.  I have an iPhone 5 on AT&T and I was home all day on Saturday.  I got a message from AT&T saying I had used almost all of my 4GB data plan!  This is only 1 week into the billing cycle. I checked on the AT&T site and in the early morning hours it reports that I used 1GB of cellular data.  All the while I was at home and on WIFI.


    Please also fix this on AT&T.



  • XtremeArtists Level 1 Level 1

    matrixxzero fails to read: thinks this thread is about iPhone 5!

  • jetlover Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same issue. Spent an hour 2 weeks ago and this morning with Verizon saying that I have nothing running in the background and I've used 200 MB in data sent from my 4S within a couple days. I'm not uploading anything that I know of, and I've received only 20 MB from me trying to see how much YouTube videos would use up. They put a trouble ticket into Apple saying this problem has occurred more with the 4S than the 5 and there needs to be a fix ASAP.

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    Glad to see that it is not only me. I noticed my cellular data usage going up (though not at the rate of some of the others posting) while phone is locked (4S with iOS 6 on Verizon). I don't think this is strictly an iPhone 5 issue. Sometimes, when I hit the home button to wake up the phone, I can see it switch from 3G back to my wifi, which is a strong signal. Please fix for ALL Apple!

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    Hi All,

             I have the same problem too. I am with AT and T. The cellular data got maxed out very very fast weeks ago and my billing cycle has nt been over yet...HAlf way through my billlign cycle, i got a text from ATT thet i used up 65% of data...In 2 days 100% wa consumed !!!!...... I checked my account charges and it was weird to see that cellular data have been used up thought the phone was connected to wi fii at home...Even more weird things is that the time it those data was consumed...some at 3 or 4 am in the morning or regular evening/nights when i was at home and conn to wi fii......I hate to pay the over charges to At and T and hopefully waiting for some solution from the concerned firms....Thnx

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    I started having this problem back in the spring on my 3GS after I installed icloud. Two months I kept getting overages because of whatever the problem was. I finally had to just turn off my cellular usage. Just upgraded to 4s and was hoping this was fixed.  Looks like not from everything I'm reading. Oh and I'm on AT&T.

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    I just wanted to send a quick update to everyone....


    I called Apple and they asked me to reset my network settings.  The phone restarted etc. etc. and I have been monitoring my usage on ATT for a few days.  I still had a random 5mb transfer at 12am but other than that nothing out of the ordinary.  Apple said that ATT phones are supposed to reset automatically when the carrier makes updates, but apparently mine did not.  Verizon phones do not, which is why they had to send out that carrier update. 


    Anyway, hope this helps.

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    Interesting...I also called Apple yesterday but was told that I have to turn off cellular data when using WIFI to avoid the problem. That stinks! BTW, I have the same problem after upgrade to ios 6 on my 4S (ATT). Also called ATT and offered me credit immediately after looking at the pattern of my data usage.

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    I have the SAME problem! And you are totally correct.


    Carrier: AT&T

    Device: iPhone 4

    iOS: 6.x


         I checked my detailed usage from the myatt website, and it says that at 9pm on Saturday, October 6th, I uploaded (sent) 7.9GB worth of data in one transaction while I was at home connected to wi-fi. I have not downloaded or uploaded anything closely resembling even 1GB of data on my phone in months. The only thing that could have been that size was an automatic backup to icloud, which should only be happening if I am plugged in (charging) and connected to wi-fi. I have all other automatic downloads and backups turned off, and I have not downloaded any music or movies.

         I have a 2GB/month plan and have not went over that limit in the 13 months I've had my iPhone on AT&T. I was thinking of calling AT&T after I found out I was 6GBs over my limit, and while complaining to some coworkers, was told of the iPhone 5/Verizon debacle. I researched and immediately called AT&T customer service, but did not mention the Verizon/iPhone 5 bug. After almost an hour of explaining that I have everything set to not use cell data service for automatic downloads and backups, and that I was on wi-fi the whole time, I mentioned that I had heard of the Verizon issue. She confirmed that her company had sent an internal memo that AT&T was not affected by the issue, but that they would call me back when my billing cycle closes out, and that they would "take care" of the charges. I am assuming that means erase it, especially since she said no to worry about continuing to use my phone as I normally do, even though I'm already over my limits. I at first told her I would switch cell data off until my next cycle.

         I am a network engineer and I work with computers and technology for a living. I know this was some technical issue causing the use of cellular data when specifically set not to. And because of the size of the data transaction, the time, and it being an upload, I know that it was during an automatic device backup to iCloud.


    Apple needs to come forth and admit it is a problem with iOS 6, not just iPhone 5, and that it is an issue with other carriers beside Verizon.

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    iPhone 4S here with iOS 6 on Verizon.  Same issue. My wife and I barely break 500MB in a month combined, normally. This month we're not even halfway through the billing cycle and we're over 750MB. I had also noticed that HD YouTube videos were constantly buffering, was driving us insane. Now it all makes sense. Turned cellular data off, YouTube streams completely fine. Add us to the users now manually turning cellular data on and off each time we leave the house.


    It appears that the Verizon carrier update that they released is only for the iPhone 5. I am at version 13 and no update is available.


    As more and more users get warnings or their bills this month this is gonna get ugly...

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    what happened to this discussion?  did people fix the problem???  Our 4S upgraded to iOS6 has been having ATT data overages for months now. After multiple visits to genius bar and ATT support,  ATT and Apple deny issue is theirs.  Last night Apple tech support said "workaround" by turning cellular data off at night and whenever leaving wifi zone...really???

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