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WHY would you remove this feature from iOS 6? It makes absolutely no sense why you would add so many great features and then remove such a convenient and simple way to be able to gift an app to a friend or family!!! I bought my little sister an iPad mostly so that I could FaceTime with my niece, but she doesn't have a whole lot of money to spare on even inexpensive apps so app gifting was such a simple and effective way for me to get apps to her.

Apple has made such an amazing revolutionary device, and gone to such lengths to free the iPad from being a "PC accessory", dependent on a computer to setup, sync, and so on. Cutting it's cord with the addition of iCloud, making the iPad a completely self sufficient device capable of virtually everything which not so long ago required a full fledged computer. I don't even remember the last time I actually even turned my computer on because Apple had done such an amazing job at providing the iPad with the functionality to serve all of my needs independently. So now I suppose I'm thankful I didn't end up selling off my computer like I had planned, since I'll have to dust it off occasionally just to send my sister a $.99 cent app!? Removing app gifting from within iOS is a HUGE mistake not to mention taking a step backwards requiring you to use iTunes on a computer just to gift a simple little app? Come on Apple, this is ABSURD, ADD IT BACK to iOS NOW!!! Ultimately this dumb maneuver has to be cutting into profits so it's a lose/lose for the app developers, for myself and others who gifted apps fairly frequently, as well Apple themselves! It completely blows my mind as to why they would even think of taking that option out of iOS!


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