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My new Iphone 5 just keeps searching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iPhone 5, iOS 6
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    I have this problem also who can help us to answer this question

    Please please all bro .....

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    is it ur phone searchin for network or your personal hot spot ?

    if its personal hot spot the following will help yu out .

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  • alexies Level 1 (15 points)

    if its searching for network adjust your date and tym then restart

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    general  - cellular - cellular data network - scroll down to internet tethering fill the APN entry space with the same you have filled for your cellular data apn.


    now just turn on and off the cellular data by just toggling . the problem will be solved.

    first reset ur ineternet settings and then only yu do the above .

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    I just got it to reproduce the issue exactly.. Go into Settings, General, then Date & Time and turn off "Set Automatically".  Apparently when I had this turned on the signal drops to 1 bar, the location icon shows up, then it goes to "Searching".  Once I turned this off all the bars came back on.  I can flip it back on, wait about 10 secs, and watch the bars drop to nothing.


    This definately started with IOS6 on my iPhone 4s.. and I'm pretty sure that's a software bug.


    No other method worked and I tried them all including a sim card replacement.  Hopefully Apple will investigate this.