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Why is Dexter Season 7 not on Apple TV yet when it premiered yesterday? There is no trace of season 7 what so ever, can anyone help me as to why or when it will be available? Thank you.

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  • Brian Cook4 Level 4 (1,960 points)

    The date a show permiers has nothing to do with when it will be avialble.  That is controled by the content holders.  Each one is differnt and does their releases differntly.  Almost all HBO and Showtime shows will not be avialble on iTunes or Netflix until the DVD's are released.

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    Looks like the full premier episode is available @ Showtime: http://www.sho.com/sho/dexter/video/season/7

    I'm guessing you'll be in the same predicament next week though.

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    I buy all my TV episodes from iTunes & usually I am able to purchase episodes the day after they are aired...Sometimes it takes longer but usually it is the day after...I am waiting for Dexter too!!!

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    I don't understand why Apple doesn't make a deal with ShowTime/HBO and make Dexter Season 7 episodes available for purchase on iTunes.  This is year 2012, not sure why we have to wait for DVDs.  Simply make a business arrangement and make it available for those iTunes users who have been purchasing Dexter (All Seasons) from Apple.  I don't think it's impossible.  C'mon.

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    I agree.  I do not understand how I can get a season pass for most tv shows and not Dexter.  My brother and I watched all the seasons, then we hear the seventh is coming out.  I told him not to worry, I'll just get the pass on iTunes.  Turns out, you can only get it when the season ends or the DVD/blue ray comes out.  Maybe we should find a person with showtime and set them up with the app.  Hmmm, that actually sounds pretty good.

  • Brian Cook4 Level 4 (1,960 points)

    You can keep asking the question, but it is not going to change the answer.  The copy right holders control when a show is released.  So as I already said "Almost all HBO and Showtime shows will not be avialble on iTunes or Netflix until the DVD's are released."  This is set by HBO, not Apple.

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    What does HBO gain from doing this? Does it mean that they would release every episode at once? If so, that would be an added benefit.

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    HBO is just really old school for the longest time they did not even want their content on DVD's.  They want you to buy their cable service.  Just like Disney for the longest time resisted VHS, and then DVD's.

    Yes, the release all the episodes at once, basicly just like you would get if you buy the DVD.  You just don't have to go to a store.

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    Actually Dexter is on Showtime...not HBO.

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    I just finished Dexter's six seasons this fall and winter. All total I spent more than $200 buying seasons of this show. I can't see how it's not profitable for them to put these seasons out concurently with the broadcast. I have no reason to buy a subscription to some channel that shows 80% of stuff I'm not interested in watching. "On demand media" is where entertainment is going. There's got to be some egg head in an office at Showtime that has this trend indicated in a chart somwhere...