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I've previouslly posted in other communites : https://discussions.apple.com/message/19834868?searchText=iMessage,%20Lion%20Ser ver%20and%20Open%20Directory#19834868


But was wondering if any one has come across this:


I currently login to my Mountain Lion iMAC with user credentials from Open Directory on Lion Server. (Lion Server is only doing DHCP, DNS, File & Print, Open Directory)


I think since the 10.8.2 update when trying to send iMessages to IOS devices, nothing happens.  It doesn't even show in the messages pane as a failled send and doesn't arrive with the recipient.


If I login locally on the server everything works fine, I'm able to send and receive.  If I login as a local user on the iMac everything works fine.


I have tried deleting all the relevant plists and archives and restarting messages.  Has anyone out there managed to use iMessages in this manner successfully?


This isn't just a 10.8.2 problem as have have had very mixed results on previous versions of ML.  For the purpose of testing, messages only has my apple ID enabled and only sending to myself and other people using their apple id's.




iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), OS Lion Server, Mac Mini