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I have an iba book file which needs categorized sections for the TOC. If I use a template with chapters I can add sections inside the chapters but my problem is I need to categorize the book in sections NOT chapters. For instance


section 1 is on page 3


section 2 is on page 3


section 3 is on page 5


and so on.


IBA only lets me categorize chapters / one per page


I need to categorize sections with sometimes multiple sections on a page.


I do not want to use chapters yet I cannot delete them.


Any help?



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    Crafting a chapter-less book is possible, but a minimum of one section is required. Remove the chapter label, leave the TOC blank and you'll then have a basic/generic point from which to work with. Use the 'File/Save As Template' menu before modifying further if you want to reuse later, etc.

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    thx for the reply as I mentioned I do not want a chapterless book I want a book where I can have sections display in the TOC or for instance can't I take a paragpraph style and make that part of the TOC?



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    If what I stated doesn't fit your basic goals, I doubt you should be using IBA.


    In which case, an epub via Pages, as an example, will let you get down/dirty with TOC, etc.


    Prioritize your needs, pick a tool and go to work.

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    I need to use IBA as the book needs interaction, there are videos inside. So can I do the following?


    introduction - Main section1

    About - sub section

    technique - sub section

    various teaching - sub section


    part A - Main section2


    then 16 sub sections


    partB main section 3


    the problem this poses is some of the sub sections are on the same page as others so I have in certain pages, 3 sub sections as they are paragraphs. I would need the TOC to list these can I do this?