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I am having severe issues since upgrading to ios 6. My calendars are no longer syncing. I do not have a Google calendar or anything of the sort I'm trying to coordinate with...just iCal and my personal/work calendars on Ical. Basically, it trys to sync, and just endlessly syncs and then eventually tells me it's unable to. Has no problem with my Ipad, just my Iphone (I think it's a 4). Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? I have tried just syncing one calendar at a time, trying to just overwrite everything on my phone with the calendar feature, etc. No dice. Anyone else having trouble?

iPhone, iOS 6
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    I have similar issues.  Since updating to iOS 6 (which initially failed and required a complete restore), I have more calendars on my phone than I did before, and none of them seem to be syncing with my iMac home calendar.  I also had an issue where I could not delete something I added on my iMac from my phone, and things that were in my calendar when the update occurred ended up on my calendar twice.  I sync with iTunes, and use the cloud.  Any suggestions would be great! 

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    I'm glad I'm not alone! I've tried a full restore (several times), tried this article (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1414) and no dice. It's just stuck on the restore when trying to load from backup. Bar is frozen. Nothing moving. My photos loaded fairly quickly (shows that on progress in ITunes), but that's it. It's been sitting here with an apple and an emptry progress bar on the Iphone 4 and nothing increasing on my ITunes progress for over 80 minutes. I swear this is a sneaky set up so we upgrade to the Iphone 5. I'm just sitting here just looking at my Itunes (which shows no progress), and a phone that isnt moving a millimeter for hours on end today. Anyone know how to jump start this process? Is it just stuck? Is there no way to retrieve my backup? Do I have to buy a new phone?

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    After 251 minutes with Apple Tech, I will tell you what we did that worked for me.


    After going round and round, realize, my computer had all "good" information. The backup (I guess) was considered corrupted (surprise surprise, after installing IOS 6!). We all of a sudden had a genius idea to restore the phone, then claim it as a "new" phone. Not a restore from backup, but a new phone. Then we simply pushed/synced the info from my computer onto the phone. Wah - la, a phone that is working again. Halleluyah! Two pieces of advice: backup your stuff to Icloud AND your computer. Both. Time machine was going to be a pain in the a++, it's totally hidden in there. Switch your phone to back up to the cloud, then when you go to sync your phone in ITunes, tap on your Iphone in the menu, hold down control (or right click), and ask it to backup so it creates a second backup on your computer. I backup this beast every single day and it only remembered the last sync, then offered backups from 2, 3 and 4 years ago.


    I lost all my text messages/text history, but I backup my notes and other items, so that is all that was lost. And redoing all of my settings, and reloading everything. But I have all my calendar info back!


    They still are some of the best customer service reps I've experienced to date, gotta say. Love talking to someone in the US!

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    Have been having battery and Calender problems.

    • Check password after update!

    Even though I could turn on and off all my iCloud accounts my phone was not asking for a password.

    Finally I noticed that if I went further into the account settings my passwords where missing.

    After entering the passwords I now have syncing accross all my devices. Few

    Hopefully it fixes the battery drain as well.