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I use a mid-2011 13" MacBook Air.  My external Samsung Monitor (Synchmaster P2450) has started flickering.  It might be the Belkin minidisplay port > HDMI adaptor or some conflict with Thunderbolt (same port).   Should I invest in a new Belkin adaptor or is there a Thunderbolt>HDMI connector that might work?

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    The Thunderbolt port doubles as a mini Displayport. All adapters are going to be Mini Displayport type, even though they are being hooked up to the Thunderbolt port.

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    Are all MiniDisplay Port > HDMI adaptors the same?   My Belkin adaptor started out great and worked for 6 mos. but now my external monitor flickers.   Could it be the my 10.8.2 OS updates?   Or might it be a port problem?

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    That's interesting, because I have seen a few people post here regarding reliability of these connectors. I have a Belkin HDMI adapter, and have not had a problem with it. But, seeing that a few people have reported problems leads me to ponder the same question as yours.


    I bought the Belkin more recently, as the one I originally purchased (a Kanex) didn't have audio support at the time I bought it, as the Macs didn't have it either. So I bought the Belkin when audio became fully supported by both Apple and the adapter makers. Both adapters still work without issue.