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    I had this problem also.  Had to return the phone which *****.  Had every iPhone and never had this problem until the new iPhone 5's noise cancelling.  Hope the make it an option to turn off.

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    Goodish news everyone.

    I took my iPhone 5 in to the apple store today and the "genius" who I spoke with had similar problems.  He entered a formal complaint with the Tech department at Apple and escalated it to have it addressed.  He said that if the new iPhone 5 they gave me continued to have this problem for me to come back in about a month and they would have my complaint saved and how the tech department had chosen to respond.  I will plan on updating this discussion board to let you know how this resolves.

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    I did the same thing today, and the "genius" did a formal complaint to apple also. He also told me he thought a software update would come in a couple of weeks. Not sure why he thought that though. Hopefully it does, otherwise I will have to return it.

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    Turn off 4G LTE and feel if there is difference. You might be becoming sensitive to electro-magnetic radiation.. Personally I can't use 3G or WiFi anymore.

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    Perhaps this could help you:


    Please give it a try and activate the option "Hearing Aid Mode".


    You can find it here:

    "Settings" -> "General" -> "Accessibility" -> "Hearing Aids"


    I couldn't test it yet, but I have read that activating the option "Hearing Aid Mode" should remove the curios feeling while having a call with the iPhone 5.

    Perhaps this option deactivates the microphone at the backside of the iPhone5, which is responsible for the noise cancellation?

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    I might of found a solution. There is a mic in between the camera and flash. Cover the small hole/mic with a small sticker or some kind of tape. The problem should go away or will decrease by a lot. All you have to do is deal with the ugly sticker on the back. let me know if it helps.

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    I have noticed the same feeling as well. I'm thinking of returning the phone

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    I agree with this post I have not tried it yet but there is in fact a microphone on the back of the iPhone next to the camera that is used directly for the noise cancellation feature. Using a sticker to cover up this microphone might be the best option.

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    It works 100% I do not have anymore headsacnes since I blocked the mic on the back. It's been about a month and a half.

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    I have been trying to narrow down whether or not the issue was my Macbook Pro or my new iPhone 5. I have had my Macbook Pro for years but suddenly find that I am getting headaches if I spend even a tiny amount of time on the computer.


    Generally when there is a new symptom or illness that sets upon someone, a doctor will ask if they have changed their diet, changed their patterens, or have been exposed to someone who might be ill.


    For me, the only thing NEW in my life is my iPhone 5. I have never had headaches, migraines, or eye strains prior to my new iPhone 5. Now, I am having a crushing pain behind my eye and headaches that are interfering with my ability to watch tv, look at lights, or use the computer.


    The only thing that I noticed that might be different though with my experiece comapred to mjamus is that I DO NOT make many phone calls with my iPhone. I do take a lot of photos and use social media though.


    I did notice that when I have the photo app open that I can actualy see the screen flicker.


    I have read where this is often the cause of headaches, migraines, and eye strain.


    Does anyone else notice their screen flickering? Again, the only time I was able to see it with my nake eye was whe the photo app was open. Usually it is not detectable to the human eye.


    Sean - aka (AppleNewbie)

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    Applenewbie2010 try starting a new thread which specifically does NOT relate to the issue people are having in this thread.  People are having symptoms due to the noise cancellation, NOT from looking at the screen.

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    Hey there Mr. Gestapo Agent of the forums, I am only asking people if there MIGHT be a CHANCE that there headaches and dizziness could be not from what they THINK it is.

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    Just sayin' you'd likely get a Berger response for your question if you started a new thread.  First off, more recent threads tend to see more activity.  2nd your indirect question is relatable, but is a seperate issue which would benefit from a seperate thread.  I don't make the rules.  I'm guessing I'm just a bit more acquainted with how forums work, how to best utilize them and the just following edicate.

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    Hi, has anyone got this issue solved?? I hate feeling dizzy after talking on the iphone, besides the headaches.

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    Yes I found out how to fix the problem. There is a small hole in between the camera and flash on the back of the phone. Cover that hole with a piece of tape and your problem should be solved. This will work for sure. The hole must be covered.