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Doug Sage Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
  • Sync using podcasts dragged to playlist and "Include Episodes from Playlists" checked on Devices / Podcasts / Sync Podcasts (checked)
  • All but one Podcast synch successfully
  • CBC Radio 3 R3-30 (music podcast) does not sync to Shuffle.  
  • Voice-over index does identify the podcast, but pushing play at the point where it is announced does not get it to play.  The podcast is skipped in playback
  • When shuffle plugged into laptop on iTunes, the Podcast can play successfully (even with laptop copy deleted and in recycle bin)
  • When all other podcasts removed, and only this podcast is synched to Shuffle, "Please use iTunes to sync music to this iPod" at first, but as button held down, "Podcast 1" is idenfified
  • In linear mode or shuffle mode
  • Also tried to get this podcast to sync using Devices / Podcasts / Sync Podcasts (checked) / Podcasts (CBC Radio 3 R3-30) checked


  • Could this be a problem with just this podcast?  If so, can anyone else replicate?   If not, any ideas on how to get this podcast to play?
  • Running: iTunes 10.7 on Windows 7 (also on Windows Vista on another computer; same results)

iPod shuffle, Windows 7