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Hello all,


Long story short:


1/  Before iOS 6, in order to have your caller ID photos pop up as thumbnails when either making or receiving calls, you had to use iPhoto to set a "face" for that contact.


2/  Then you would go into Contacts and 'edit' the contact info and photo, and choose the thumbnail from the iPhoto Faces selection.


3/  Then, whenever you would make a call or receive a call from that contact, the thumbnail would appear in the upper right hand corner of the iPhone screen.


4/  I have since received my iPhone 5 running iOS 6.


5/  My old contacts saved via iCloud remain the same - thumbnail.


6/  However any new contacts with photos, even after going throught the same workflow now appear as full screen on the iPhone 5 when making or receiving calls.


Does anyone know how to force the caller id photo to remain a thumbnail on the caller screen with iPhone 5 or iOS 6?


It is so funny that so many users WANT the full screen photo id, but the thumbnail view is so much cleaner.  I much prefer the thumbnail view of the caller ID photo.


Thanks all!!



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    I think I just answered my own question.


    Regardless of whether or not you use iPhoto and Faces to add the name and photo to a contact, IF you took the photo with your iPhone, the photo will default to a full screen photo when the contact makes a call or you call that contact.


    The work around I used was to go into iPhoto, take a screen grab of the photo I originally took with my iPhone and re-import the screen grab into iPhoto.


    I then added the Faces name through iPhoto on the new imported screen grab.  After closing iPhoto, I went back into contact, and selected the contact's name.


    I hit 'edit' and let the Faces selection refresh (takes a moment).  After refreshing, the new screen grab Faces thumbnail appeared and I selected it.


    After letting iCloud update my Contacts on my iPhone 5, i went in and called the contact.  The contact's photo appeared as a thumbnail.


    Kind of silly that you can't take Contact Thumbnail photos with the iPhone, but I guess it's the way the software is written.


    Hope this helps someone.


    Cheers / Josue

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    Hi Josue.

    Mine is just the opposite problem, I have an iPhone 5, just updated my IOS6 version and I always get a thumbnail photo of the caller when receiving or making a call. I would like to get a full screen caller ID photo. I tried creating a new contact with a new photo on the iPhone 5, editing an existing contact photo, etc. but unsuccessfully. Any ideas?



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    Hello Baskman,


    Wow.  That's odd.  Full screen photos are supposed to be the default.  Also, any photo taken with the iPhone to be used as a photo ID for a contact, should default to full screen.


    The only long-winded solution I can think of would be to upload your photos onto your iPhone, grab a screen shot of each, thus creating a new id photo, and then assigning those to your contacts.


    Long way around what should be a simple solution.  I'm not sure why apple just doesn't make this as easy as adding a general setting that includes an option for either Thumbnail or Full Screen.


    good luck!