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I am trying to limit how much data my phone uses while checking my mail over cellular data.


My business mail almost always contains attachments and sometimes contains big (up to 20MB) attachments. I don't want them downloaded to my phone over cell unless I choose to do so.


I have a Yahoo Mail Plus account and am currently using Yahoo's iPhone5 Safari interface to retrieve my mail - all manually. It's basically just a web page.

I chose this because, after a lot of testing, I found that the iOS6 default mail app was using more data. I tried accessing via IMAP and POP. POP was far, far worse and isn't a great way to check your Yahoo mail to begin with.


I know the full body of the message, including some inline images and the attachments are being downloaded because I have done some testing on and off network. After retrieving my mail, waiting for the "thinking" cursor to stop, then disabling cell data, the messages' guts are all there, complete with attachments, even when I am not connected to any network.


Is there ANY way, using any mail app, paid or free, to get my mail but download headers only or limit the amount of the message that's downloaded?

On my Android phone I could limit size retrieved to whatever I wanted (25KB, for example), then choose to download the rest if I needed to.


I've been struggling for a week to like the iPhone. Unfortunately, this one might be the last straw for me. It just doesn't work well for business mail. I have to hope I am wrong on this one!



iPhone 5, iOS 6