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Jmantanaka Level 1 Level 1

I have an IPhone 4 and everytime I try to back it up to ICloud it says, "Not Enough Storage". Which I find strange because it says I have 3.1 GB available. The only things I have set up for backup is my contacts and Photo album which is only 793 KB. Anybody got ideas?

iPhone 4, iOS 6
  • pvonk Level 6 Level 6

    The storage mentioned may not be about icloud storage, but memory on your iphone.  A backup needs a good amount (MBs) of free storage on the device to do the backup.  Go to Settings>General>Usage and look at the stats for the iphone and for icloud (scroll down the screen).

  • Jmantanaka Level 1 Level 1

    It says I have 8.0 BG Available  and 20.4 used on the IPhone and 3.1 available on GB ICloud

  • jamesieadams Level 1 Level 1

    I have also developed this problem, it started after I ugraded to iOS 6, which iOS are you using? I tried turning off icloud backups and also deleting my backups but did not help. This message pops up on both my ipad and iphone and I have many GB free both on icloud and on my physical devices. I did find this link http://www.ianbrown.cc/blog/cant-backup-your-iphone-ipad-or-ipad-touch-to-icloud -not-enough-storage/  which details a fix to a problem, not the ohe I had but may help you . So I think this may be an iOS 6 bug and there is not much we can do about it!

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    I am having a similar problem on my ipad2. It says I have 5.0 GB storage, with 1.6 GB available. I have deleted almost everything that needs to be backed up (under manage storage) and it still shows that it needs 3.3 GB to back up my ipad. I have turned off so much that it says that the next back up will only be 111mb, but it still tells me that I only have 1.6GB available.  (It never changes the "back up size" from 3.3 GB, even though below it says the next back up size is 111mb. If it takes 3.3GB to back up the processing system or something then they need to give us more than 5gb free!
    Is there somewhere else I can go and delete stuff from the icloud? I tried icloud.com, but that doesn't seem to do it. I can only assume that it means that there is stuff already there and it won't overwrite it or something....