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ksmolka Level 1 Level 1

So I have recently noticed a strange head pressure senssation when the noise canceling feature kicks in. Most of it is when I drive on a highway and talk, at moments I feel a strange pressure in the other ear and dizzines after a while..


I thought it was only me, but today on the highway I spoke with my brother which got his iPhone 5 yesterday and experienced the same feeling (he was also driving)


I am not sure if this is safe to your body, but are you guys having any similar effectes while there is noise in the room or while driving??


I have also found this thread on a different website:

iPhone 5, iOS 6
  • bualex Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem ,I feel like I'm in a plane .


    Please fix this or at least push a turn off button.

  • psmolka Level 1 Level 1

    Yep it feels like pressure in an airplane.

    Very strange.

    Louder the surroundings the stronger the sensation. On/off capability could help.

  • HISHAMM Level 1 Level 1

    I feel the same thing , pressure which caused me pain in my ears for 2 hours , if this is a feature of noise cancellation why the did not mention it ?? and it is not consistant canging every second !!

  • MrShayne Level 1 Level 1

    Same here - I hate the way I feel when i'm talking on the phone. Please add on/off!!!!

  • KiltedTim Level 9 Level 9

    It might be helpful if you understood how noise cancellation actually works: ne3.htm


    To summarize, in order to cancel out background noise, the sound is not "eliminated" from the audio stream you're hearing. It is countered by a second audio stream that basically eliminates your ability to hear it.


    Since the sound and the "counter sound" are still hitting your eardrum, this can result in an odd sensation. Your ear is processing the sound, but your brain isn't registering it. Since the inner ear controls balance, this will produce a dizzying effect in some people.


    Cover the top microphone with your finger and see if the effect goes away (if you're in a noisy environment, this may mean you can't understand the person on the other end of the phone...).

  • tbs10 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, I am from Singapore and I also encounter same problem, very irritating to the ears, wonder any resolution yet??

  • bilalcan Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, I am from Turkey, and have same problem with my new iphone 5. Please add on/off capability for noise canceling. Otherwise we feel echo arround ear and this is VERYYYYYY ANNOYING. Please add!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mohammad sti Level 1 Level 1


    I have the same issue and it's really annoying me and i feel abig pressure in my ears  , i will wait apple to fix this problem otherwise i will sell my iphone and replace it with the famouse samsung s3 phone


    So please apple solve this as soon as you can and don't lose your fans and loyal users


    Thank you

  • pcubb Level 1 Level 1

    OMG!! I thought I was just crazy. I have vertigo and this has really been screwing with me. Definitely if there's an on/off feature that would be great! Please Apple fix this.

  • texaswoz Level 1 Level 1

    SO HAPPY I found this thread and I'm not nut-zo.  YES, the new phone not only hurts my listening ear but makes me feel like the other ear is about to pop out of my head ... all the while making me a little whoozy to the stomach.  Do we think it is a software or hardware issue?  I only have a day left where I can return my phone for a 4S.

  • 97Hokie Level 1 Level 1

    I have had the same issue. Problem is, the Verizon Wireless provider I bought the phone from says they don't accept returns or exchanges of Apple products. What is this? If you buy Apple you are stuck with it period. No returns. I've been a MAC product consumer for some time now, but this iphone 5 was mistake. I too have the ear popping sensations and thought I was nuts. My wife then described something similar. Additionally, our service is not clear, as I was expecting when switching from AT&T iphone 4 to Verizon. It is somewhat static like and sharp, even muffled at times. The overall voice quality on the call is downright annoying and unpleasing to the ear, nevermind the physical discomfort caused by the supposed noise cancelling issue, which I've experienced multiple times per day now. I didn't want to migrate away from the seamless nature of all MAC products, but this iphone 5 is a huge disappointment. My imessage works only intermittently. My voicemails duplicate randomly. The voice quality is horrendous over my AT&T iphone 4, and the disorienting sensation is absolutely unacceptable. I'm looking for Apple and Verizon to pony up and do the right thing from a customer service standpoint and accept a return of the phones as well as voiding my Verizon contract that just started at the end of September. I can then do my due diligence on some of the newer Android devices and compare to the quality I was experiencing on the iphone 4 (not 4s). As an airline pilot, my primary concern is quality sound on phone calls as well as a solid platform. This is not cutting it at all. Hugely disappointed and frustrated that I am having to dedicate so much personal time to this turd that Apple has touted. I expected so much more from them. Again, all MAC family (imac, Macbook Pro, 2 ipod touches, ipad 2, and 2 iphone 5's (previous 4)).

  • Mohammad sti Level 1 Level 1

    I want to appologize for my last comments bcoz i relaised that the new noise cancelation option is a good option after used to it ... Thank you apple

  • Ajax966 Level 1 Level 1

    I thought there was something wrong With the car Pressure as it's leaking air into the car while driving on the highway. In the end I discovered that it's a feature On the phone that I cannot turn on or off. I'm glad i discovered that issue and Hoping for a solution from Apple

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