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Using network accounts on 10.8.2 off a 10.8.2 server.


All files in user directory have 'date modified' timestamps reset to login time.


This occures for all users.


This I believe is also causing mouse user preferences to be reset on login.


Has anyone come across this problem?


I migrated from 10.7.4 Server to 10.8 Server


Any ideas anyone?

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    I have this issue as well. This also screws up mobile accounts when they come to sync - conflicts everytime.


    Still lokking for a solution.

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    I am just "happy" to see that I'm not the only one having the exact same trouble.

    The "date modified" resets to last login time, user preferences (particularly some of the trackpad, keyboard and dock prefs) are thrown away and in part reset to some default values.


    My setup is various iMacs with their HomeDirectories on the server, all machines with 10.8.2 (Server) installed.


    Could Apple help?

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    Stiff suffering with this. Apple were not able to help.

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    This happens to me, too. But it only seems to happen with individual's home folders.

    Even if I am the owner of a non-home project folder, it doesn't reset the Date Modified timestamp on the contents of that folder.

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    Has anyone found a fix for this? My next step is reinstalling the server!