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There seems to be a major issue with Apple Mail and GMail at the moment... I have not used Apple Mail for a while, before Mountain Lion so I do not know if it is related.


When using Apple Mail with GMail, sending and receiving emails take a LONG time. Far too long than it should. A small 9Kb email just took about 1 minute to send. When I receive emails the Loading icon is also spinning for about 1 minute, sometimes even longer, two minutes or so.


Now, if I use Apple Mail to connect to a non-Gmail account, e.g. my Yahoo one, it is fine, sending and receiving takes the time you expect.


If I use Thunderbird to connect to my Gmail account, it is also fine, sending and receiving takes the time you expect.


So it seems the issue is only with Apple Mail and Gmail.


I have set the folders to Use This Mailbox For... for Junk, Spam, Drafts and Sent Items. I have set it so hitting Delete will delete them, Archive will Archive them. These settings are what I used to use a while ago when it worked fine anyway.


So anyone else have this experience?


P.S. Other issue is when I delete or move an email out of my inbox into a folder, it comes back into the inbox. Maybe its related, e.g. the time taking Mail to communicate with Gmail is too long or something.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)