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  • benjamin d Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi pmiranda,


    Just to clarify as this issue has been maddening...


    So you installed the 6.1 update from the past week-ish and it sounds like you're saying that each you get back into your car, your iPhone is playing a new random song and not reverting back to same song.


    This would be outstanding news because every time I've been getting in the car I keep hearing the exact same song that I heard when I previously got out of the car. I am so sick of that song


    What every normal human being wants with shuffle all songs is to hear a new song from their iPhone each time they get into the car


    So, if the latest IOS update solves this issue, I cannot wait to install it tonight! I just wanted to make sure I understand your last post correctly.


    Many thanks in advance for your reply,



  • pmiranda Level 1 (5 points)

    I don't use shuffle, but starting with 6.0, before 6.1, if the music app got removed from active memory (either due to low battery while inactive, or simply due to switching between enough other apps that got memory re-allocated to them) it would jump back to the last "checkpoint" it had saved, which is usually the last song you explicitly selected from a playlist as opposed to songs you skipped over or had listened to.

    With 6.1, the music app now seems to remember exactly where it left off, even the position within the song, even if other apps were used or the battery ran low.

    So hopefully this solves most of the problems people were seeing. I know there were some other issues that were raised during this thread, but I hadn't experienced them so I can't tell if they were ever addressed.


    Very annoying that Apple never acknowledged the issue or mentioned it in the release notes as being addressed. Maybe they were never officially aware that somebody broke something in the code and it was quietly fixed.

  • Alan Klein1 Level 1 (125 points)

    Another post to confirm that this issue is far from fixed with an upgrade to iOS 6.1 -- at least for me with my iPhone 4S.


    While may remember the last song played when playing songs without suffle enabled (for some), it will not remember the last song played if you've set to shuffle your library or playlist. Same annoying issue that has been around since upgrading to iOS 6. As others have reported, this issue did not exist under iOS 5.x.


    I've also left feedback with Apple and urge others to do the same. They do not read these Discussion pages:

  • TheHYPO35 Level 1 (0 points)

    I can confirm that this is no closer to being fix ed on iOS 6.1. I also found my music app unable to be opened earlier this week; it would load the framework o the app (blank screen with progress bar and play/ff/rw buttons) and freeze there for maybe 30 seconds, then crash. It resolved, but it was doing it all day.


    They really need to figure out the shuffle issue though...

  • phraxion Level 1 (0 points)

    So far Barry.Houghton's suggestion to disable music sync from iTunes, then re-enable it and sync again has fixed this so far on iOS 6.1 on 4S.  Now this is only the first day, but each time I went back to the music app it remembered my position regardless of how many apps or the battery level.  Until I disabled/re-enabled the music sync I was experincing the "can't remember your place in the playlist" issue.

  • phraxion Level 1 (0 points)

    Scratch that. Still broken in 6.1

  • pmiranda Level 1 (5 points)

    Ugh. Seemed to be fine for a couple days but then started falling back to the wrong place again. I wonder if its related to me charging it off my laptop?

  • Barry.Houghton Level 1 (0 points)


    It would seem that mine is conditionally working. over the last week or so, I have had success but the beginning of this week it started failing when I didn't have the music app actually loaded into memory. My testing so far has been:

    1. Just start playing music (App not loading into memory), next day music skips back.
    2. Load app into memory, play music, at end of day delete from memory, next day repeat and all is well.
    3. Load app into memory, play music, at end of day leave app in memory, switch phone off, next day switch phone on, app still in memory, playback is ok

    Option 3 I have only been running with for a couple of days and so far still ok, this is a slight improvement to pre 6.1 where I would only have success with option 2.

    I believe they have partially fixed this, overlooking the fact that the app doesn't load to memory if you just connect headphones and press play.

    When I installed 6.1 there was definitely a change made to the Music App as when I launched the app for the first time after the install, it had switched back to my list of playlists and not to the playlist it was on when I did the install.

    I notice some people aren't using the shuffle option, all of my testing and gripes have been using shuffle. Perhaps starting next week I will test without shuffle and see how it goes.

    When this is all over I shall be considering sending Apple an invoice for the time I have spent testing their screwup, I reckon I have built up enough to buy a brand new Samsung!!!

  • Scottc1978 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've been running into this too.  I first noticed this problem a long time ago, I think even before IOS 6 came out.  I've even had my iPod replaced (different issue) and the replacement one does it too.  I've been in communication with Apple and they are submitting the issue but I've been told that it's something about the alga something or other.  I have no clue what that is. 


    I'm very disappointed that so many of us are running into this and yet Apple can't do anything about it?  A nano or shuffle is capable of resuming, yet a highly intelligent iPod touch or iPhone isn't?  Something doesn't add up here.


    In my case, I find that when it resumes back at the original track, it doesn't play the songs in the same shuffled order, it plays the same songs but in a different order. 

  • devans15 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm super glad I'm not alone in this. It's been getting seriously frustrating. My older model iPod is at least starting off where I left it, which works for when I'm at the gym but I use my iPhone 4S primarily while at work. I have one master playlist that I listen to everday and it's annoying starting at the same place again and then having to reshuffle to get some varierty. If I leave my desk to speak with a co-worker or have a meeting its reverted again when I get back. It's especially annoying when I don't notice at first until a recognizable song comes on and suddenly I realize. I just downloaded a new update an hour ago so I'm going to test it to see if it's fixed but I get the feeling it isn't.

  • Barry.Houghton Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, it would seem that my initial statement relating to 6.1 was incorrect, this issue is still not resolved! It did seem to be ok for about a week, but then reverted back to the same **** problem.

    The only workaround that is still consistently working is making sure the music app is loaded into memory, play music, then when finished close the app in memory. Next time load the app and then play music and plays from the last track played.

    The key is ensuring the app has been loaded and is appearing in the list of open apps.

    I would be interested to know how many of you are using this workaround and if it is working for you or not or if it is just working for me.

    Going to go and leave some uncomplementary feedback now.

  • phraxion Level 1 (0 points)


    What currently seems to work for me is to pause music from the music app instead of from the lock screen or by pulling the wire from the earphone jack. So on my morning drive once I stop, I just unlock the phone, pull up the music app and hit the pause button there. Then, no matter what I do throughout the day when I come back to resume play it seems to pick up right where it left off.


    If I pause it from the lock screen or from anywhere outside the music app it doesn't seems to remember its place once the music app is dropped from active memory.


    So far I'm happy with this, although its a stupid workaround

  • Barry.Houghton Level 1 (0 points)

    I am in total despair. I updated to 6.1.2 and now my phone won't connect to wifi!!!!!

    I did the update even though the update related to Exchange and battery drain, I figure Apple don't want to publicise they have screwed up the music app. So far my music hasn't skipped back since the update, but it is early days to say 6.1.2 fixes it, but now no wifi. That is worse than skipping music.

    Since Jobs passed away it seems that apple have become some sort of two bit operation not the multi billion organisation that it once was, poor man must be freaking out in his grave seeing what they are doing to his beloved company. May he haunt the bloody **** out of them till they get it right. Current company should rebrand to aple or applle and sell their items from dodgy traders or eBay.

    I have a Z10 coming next week for work, if it proves better I may just use that as my primary phone.


  • Laos Darkness Level 1 (0 points)

    Yeah I don't like that it starts the song over from the beginning. Bring back the "begin play where you left off" option

  • CHiKouNe Level 1 (0 points)

    I never upgraded to iOS 6 because I didn't have the free space for it and later on was glad I didn't because of all the negative feedback. When I got prompted for iOS 6.1 I thought Apple would have fixed most things that were wrong with iOS 6 so I decided I would eventually upgrade. Ever since I did, I've had this music playback problem and it's driving me nuts. I have a playlist of 1100 songs that I play on shuffle in my car through Bluetooth and the only time I've been able to dodge the problem was when I paused the music on my phone instead of just letting it stop by itself by turning off my car. I shouldn't have to keep reminding myself to pause it with my phone....

    Anyway, I just sent feedback to Apple... I sure hope they fix this soon!

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