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Hi All,


I'm trying to daisy-chain 2 Motu 8pre's using ADAT into LE9.


Logic happily recognises one 8pre when used alone. But when I chain the 2 together the only way I can get input is if I use Motu's 'CueMix FX' software.


My proplem with that is....basically, I don't want to use it. It seems if I want to mute an input in logic I have to cross over to CueMix etc.


Anyway. Can I get the two Motu's recognised by Logic as one device, bypass CueMix and do this using ADAT ??



Hoping someone out there is doing this exact thing.



Cheers. - John.

  • spitto Level 1 Level 1

    To daisy chain 2 motu interfaces (or other 8 channel interfaces with lightpipe) you must attach a lightpipe (ADAT) cable to the master interface's INPUT from the second interface's lightpipe OUTPUT. Your master interface IS connected to the computer via firewire. Now DISCONNECT the firewire from the second interface!

    This puts your second interface into CONVERTER mode and Logic recognizes its' inputs AFTER you re-set your core audio.

    A second lightpipe cable INTO your aux interface FROM your master interface will clock it to the same clock used on the master (word clock, AES, etc..)


    Please send me cash for this info.

    Took me an hour of futsing to figure it out.


    16 INS!!!!


    ___Tim Leitch

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    PS: I am using Logic Pro 9.1.8 and Mas OS 10.6.8