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Hope someone has a god idea on this.


Just got back from a special photo shoot and downloaded my pictures to my Mac.  I had two cameras, each with over 400 shots.


I downloaded the first camera and chose the "Delete Photos in camera" option.  Took a couple of minutes to detele the camera photos.  Worked just fine, just as it always had. 


I then downloaded the second camera and again, when the downloading was finished I chose the "Delete Photos in camera" option.  This time, 15 minutes later and it was still deleting photos from the camera.  A waited a while longer and it still wasn't finished.  I then went to Force Quit and it said "Iphoto not responding."  Well, figuiring my pictures were alrady downloaded in it was just working on deleting my camera, I chose Force Quit.


Well, when I checked my photos there were only 196 out of over 400.


I have tried restarting and looking everywhere for the missing pictures, too no avail.


Any ideas???

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    Never mine.  I used Repair and it restored them.


    From now on I will take the advice of another poster and never delete my camera photos from IPhoto.  I will just format my card, something I do anyway.