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Works fine when profile is deployed (on a fresh, factory reset unit). Can connect to youtube, netflix etc

If powered down and moved to a new location (ie profile installed in IT, unit moved to room with projector) it won't re-connect.


So the profile and certificate are ok. Whats going on?

AppleTV 2
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    It has to do with the timing of your certificate I bet. When the Apple TV is unplugged the time is reset to the year 1969 I believe. However the certificate you downloaded after setting the time has a fixed year 2012-2015 or so depends on the cert.

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    That crossed my mind yesterday when I spotted the year 1970 against the profile install date. I reconnected with wired connection to update date/time (as annoyingly you can't do it through the interface) but still no luck.

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    Applied the profile again this morning, whilst having a wired connection. disconnect wired and it works for 2-3 minutes then loses wireless network connection.


    Intermittently gets router/subnet mask, but at this moment, it doesnt even display which SSID its connecting too.... :S


    If it is the start date of the cert, its no likely to be changable. much simpler to edit the time/date on screen.

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    Confirmed as a time/date issue AppleTV.

    when the device doesnt work/connect after a power off, connecting to wired network (and bypassing proxies/firewall blocks) allows the device to set its time (as confirmed by general->about screen. Time not set (reachable) disappears and timezone automatically set) wireless then works.


    If the device only sleeps, and doesnt power off, the settings appear to remain ok.


    Thats not much use! It would appear that a manual date/time setting would solve this.

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    The other problem with this is that when you move the device to it's final location, say a ceiling-mounted projector where there isn't a wired drop, you cannot re-connect to the network to fix the time issue. Also, even if you somehow are able to do this, what happens when there is a power outage? All of your Apple TVs on the wireless network will stop working.

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    So its been 5 months since this original issue was documented in this thread.  What is the solution is any?


    We purchased a bunch of theseApple TVs to ount onto projectors in classrooms. If the power goes out we need to reconfigure each device again.


    It seems to me that there would be 2 viable solutions.


    1. Provide a software upodate to existing Apple TV customers to allow one to change the date.

    2. Place a battery in the Apple TV design for future boxes so it can keep time just like any other computer device does.

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    Any news? I hear the Apple-TV is going to be supported by the Profile Manager, but will that solve this problem?


    Some Apple-TVs work when syncing the time/date with ethernetcable, but on some i have to reinstall the profile. Anybody know what makes the profile / certificate messed up?