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...or is the only news that it is Universal Binary?

DVDSP 4.1 is part of the new Final Cut Studio Universal pack.

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    The Late Breaking News for DVD Studio Pro 4.1 covers the list of changes.

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    Hi Tournesol,

    DVDSP 3 was indeed a release to be forgotten. The number of MEI and Eclipse errors was truley staggering.

    DVDSP 4 has brought in a few minor modifications, and seems to be able hold larger projects more easily.

    It's a shame that Quicktime doesn't do the same with large mpegs.

    We are still having to post author DVDSP projects to get them to pass verification.

    Have fun.
  • Tournesol Level 1 Level 1
    Why do you post author? I use DVDSP professionally, and as so it works pretty much okay. There are a few bugs/missing features that nags me:

    1. importet stl subtitles gets chooped if the are aligned left
    2. gprm based button scripts ignores loop points
    3. dual layer breaks are impossible to find without third party apps - a major missing feature in dvdsp
    4. burning test-discs through dvdsp are difficult for many dvd-players. Building and then burning slower via Toast helps.
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    Hi Tournesol,

    The first and major reason is speed. I often remove most of the abstraction layer and this greatly enhances the navigation times.

    Often I find with simple scripting I find that I get eclipse errors. And regardless of taking different approaches I don't seem to be able to remove these errors.

    I often need to use enhanced features currently not available on DVDSP correct random implementation.

    Correct VTS menu and asset allocation.

    The most obvious being proper menu navigation ala button over video style.

    DVDAccess is a waste of space (I either reauthor this correctly or use eDVD if I have to launch product)

    Faulty builds.

    Incorrect script implementation.

    I would like to use DVDSP solo as a pro app but it has a little way to go yet. Maybe by V 8 we might have a bulletproof version. That's not to say that millions of DVD's aren't replicated every day using DVDSP pro. But when you need to output every day reliably then it's not the product to use. However if you don't have the cash for a fully blown Sonic machine, Vizarro (discontinued), the licensed Toshiba or one of Victor's machines then you have to make compromises.

    And that's what I've done using error checking software in conjunction with DVDSP and post authoring.

    Have fun.
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    My english isn't fluent so I need you to explain what eclipse errors and abstraction layers is

    Also, what error checking software do you use?
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    Hi Tournesol,

    Eclipse is the name of the product which most DVD manufacturers use to verify / check masters about to go to replication.

    Normally you have to pay for it. Some do it as a matter of course.


    When I mean abstraction. There are 2 types of DVD Authoring Apps.

    1. Spec ie Toshiba, Vizaro and Sonic. These apps run with you "almost" programming the DVD directly.

    2. Abstraction, DVDSP, Encore, Ulead, etc etc. These system provide a much easier interface for the non technically minded of us. But as such there is a layer of coding between you and the DVD. As these systems have to accomodate for every outcome. Sometimes this "extra code" causes DVD players to get lost or sometimes the code is just not what you intended. When you think about it, it's pretty good what they can do. But if you have this, plus bugs in the simulator, bugs in DVD Player (Mac One)and manufacturers interpretation of the Spec. You can get yourself into a whole bunch of trouble before you start.

    If this has made it worse let me know.
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    That explains it nicely thank you.

    How do you disable the abstraction layers in DVDSP?
  • Aldershot Level 4 Level 4
    Hi Tournesol,

    Unfortunately you can't. You can use post authoring tools such as DVDAfteredit to remove it completely or partially which I find of great benefit.

    ENjoy your Easter.