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I have just purchased Keynote remote for use with my iPad 2 and iPhone 3G.  It works on wifi but not on bluetooth. 


According to the information provided by Apple it is supposed to work via bluetooth.  My iPhone is using IOS 4.2.1, which meets the system requirements.


I see nowhere to get support for this and nowhere to complain about it being sold when it quite clearly isn't fit for purpose.


CAn anyone advise in getting this to work or suggest how else to use the iPad 2 with my currrent iPhone for presentations without holding the iPad. 


The whole idea of doing this was to 'travel light', without dragging my MacBook Pro around with me.


Appreciate your help.


Kind regards



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    I read a post from Tulse today and found the problem to answer my question.  So if you have been battling with using the Keynote Remote with Bluetooth, read on:


    Hi Tulse


    I'd like to thank you.  I have just come across your post ref NOT to pair the iPad with iPhone. 


    I purchased the Keynote Remote app some time ago with the intention of using my iPad 2 for presentations so that I could fly with only carryon luggage even when restricted by some airlines to 7kg.


    Could I get it to work - no.  Until I read your post this morning.


    It became clear that the reason it wouldn't work is because I was pairing the iPhone with the iPad before trying to connect with Keynote on the iPad and Keynote Remote on the iPhone.


    So I turned off wifi, turned off bluetooth and started as you had suggested by just using bluetooth and pairing Keynote on the iPad with Keynote Remote on the iPhone.  It works!!! 


    For anyone else reading this who is trying to do this with an iPhone 3G - it works; that's what I'm using. So thanks again - well done

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    It's way easier to use your bluetooth Magic Mouse as a remote.  Left click to advance, right click to reverse.  You can also move the mouse over your other hand to use the arrow to point things out.  No dependence on wireless network, no need to create a network, already paired = simplest solution.