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  • S.Tan Level 1 (0 points)

    I've already used 1.7 gb, which is odd since I only use it for facebook, instagram and basic browsing. Never went over 1GB from my iphone 4. Thank god I have unlimited but going to keep my eye on my usuage.

  • joeho717 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've used 3.8gb within 5 days .. before iOS 6, I've only got AT&T SMS that says u r iver 68% once in 3 years .. I hope Apple can reimburse me (LOL!)

  • wallacefrombakersfield Level 1 (0 points)

    I just had a long Lengthy battle with AT&T customer support. The problem is with the iPhone 51 she received it it will require you to reboot the phone because it's not making connection to your Wi-Fi very weak and always use your data services. It is very so want to the Verizon issue however AT&T has not made a public announcement about this problem. They are reluctant AT&T is reluctant to send out notices to 5 million users based upon what I was told. I had done what they expected upgrade to the next level of 3gbyte. They no longer offer 2 gbyte snd AT&T will not allow me to go back. This moron told me they could not send out 5 million emails. But Verizon did, they also informed AT&T but they stay silent to force you to the next level. $5 x 5 million folks.

  • smoke5774 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having the same problem with my iphone 4 at AT&T.  I've never had an iphone; I've always had a blackberry and I have the 200mb data plan.  Yes I know, it's very little, but I've never gone over as I barely use my phone.  I got the iphone 4 on September 23rd.  Five days after I got it, I received a text that I used 65% of my data, the next day, I'd used 100% of my data and I was being charged $15.00 for overage.  Two days later, I received a text saying I used 100% of my data, so I was being charged $15.00 again for overage.  I'm now at 75% of my data again and my month doesn't end until the 23rd.  Funny thing is, for a 24 hour period, I never left my house, I was on wi-fi the entire time and as a matter of fact, I didn't even touch my phone for that 24 hour period.  Nothing was running on the phone and I used over 101,000kb in the middle of the night.  This is happening every single day.  I called AT&T, they said someone would call me within 10 days and they would refund my overage charges.  They called me and said that I wasn't being honest about my usage and there's no way a person with an iphone would only use it 30 minutes a day or not at all; I was using the data and didn't want to admit it.  I went to the Apple Store immediately after, and was basically told there is absolutely nothing wrong with my phone and that I must be using it more than I'm admitting.  So, I will be returning my iphone to Best Buy tomorrow and going back to my old trusty blackberry until I decide if we're going to stay with a company that obviously won't admit they have a problem or go to a company (Verizon) that readily admitted they had a problem and fixed said problem.

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    I am going to return my iPhone 5 as well and move to Verizon. Stupid AT&T.

  • wallacefrombakersfield Level 1 (0 points)

    To be clear about my original post, (I used SIRI) while at work. Point made is AT&T customer service are indeed arrogant self-Righteous aholes. The fix to this problem Verizon has identified is to reboot (turn-off) your iPhone. I was only seeing one bar on the wi-fi before the fix. By the way, whenever you see a single bar your using cellular data. After the fix you'll see many in my case all four. You can check to see if your wi-fi is working by turning off your cellular data service.


    **** poor rating to AT&T idiots for not informing you about this issue. Can hear it now sone idiot by the water cooler saying, I know,  lets not tell em, about the issue they'll never know and by the time they do well gave gave upgraded to the 3 gbyte device. Oh yah and we better cancel the 2 gbyte device so when they do find out its a bug they can go back to the 2 gbyte device. 5 million iPhone 5 customers (she actually told me this, that's company confidential info) that's 5 x 5000000 = $25,000,0000 every month x 12 = $300,000,000 for the year. (if every iPhone 5 bumped up a notch)

  • bumsurf Level 1 (0 points)

    My iPhone 5 continues to suck down large chunks of cellular data over the AT&T network even after I turned off all but the essential NOTIFICATIONS (in OS6 & Facebook).  I consumed 10mb last on 10/10 from Mid-noon. Is this problem systemic?

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    I wonder how they will EVER fix this without having to admit fault and payback their customers.


    I think this is the issue

    - at home with wifi

    - wifi is weak, so the phone switches to 3G/4G/LTE

    - wifi comes back, but the phone ignores it and keeps staying on cellular


    There is a 50mb file size limit for downloading on the phone, so if I am downloading a 200-300 mb podcast video, and it switches to cellular, and phone does not catch it, then that's 300 mb off my cellular, but it should have gone through wifi !!!! 


    My worse hit was 1.8gb in the middle of the night, I have no idea why the phone used that much while I am surrounded by wifi at home.


    I am returning my iPhone 5 from AT&T .. and yes screw u AT&T for accusing me of tethering and using my laptop with my iPhone 5, show me how it can be done without jailbreak or tethering plan, bunch of idiots working there.

  • wallacefrombakersfield Level 1 (0 points)

    You'll need to turn off Cellular Data Sevice to STOP Sara usage. Reboot your iPhone.

  • joeho717 Level 1 (0 points)

    That's what I am doing now.


    AT&T should give me the option to remove my data plan so I don't have to keep worrying about going over in 8 days after my plan resets.

  • smoke5774 Level 1 (0 points)

    I returned my iphone 4 tonight at Best Buy mobile.  Just a head up, AT&T changed their return policy on Oct. 7th: you can return your phone up to 14 days and exchange up to 30 days.  It took over 2 hours fighting with the Best Buy mobile folks to get it returned because they said I exceeded the time frame.  I bought my phone on September 23rd and still qualified under the 30 day policy.  With that being said, since I cancelled the upgrade, they refunded my $36 upgrade fee, but now I'm going to have to call and have all of the overages refunded.  Also, you can only use a SIM card once, so if you revert back to an old phone, you must buy a new SIM card.  Best Buy wanted to charge $40, but AT&T will only allow a $20 charge.  So....the saga will continue until I get everything refunded.  As soon as my contract ends, I will be moving over to Verizon and giving the iphone a real shot.  I was very excited about getting it, but it has been 18 days of crazy with AT&T.  Good luck everyone!!

  • MikeyBWindsurfer Level 1 (0 points)

    Yet another victim here of the AT&T / IPhone 5 massive data suck.  It used 2.0 Gigs in one hour of driving.  The only thing I was using the phone for was to listen to a previously downloaded podcast.  No maps, no web surfing, no streaming of audio or video. 


    AT&T advises not a problem with their network and likely an IPhone problem (very good about crediting data overages though).  Customer service folks were as helpfull as within their means.


    Spoke with Apple Care assistant Jason #50598.  He advises that all Apps opened on the phone remain open in background and continue to utilize data unless you close them in background. 


    Per Jason, this appears to mean that when you utilize the Maps program or ANY other program that utilizes data ....they will continue to do so even when closed.  ALL apps are required to be closed via the home button and then closed AGAIN by double clicking the home button and closing them in background.




    I never had such a problem with my 4, or 4S.  I'll likely be returning the phone this evening. 

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    I guess I got the "lucky" end of the stick.  Since my last update I've been in correspondence with someone at AppleCare who assured me that my more-than-usual data usage will not be at my expense.  What my phone seems to do is switch to LTE when it is on sleep mode.  I've noticed over a dozen times while at home and on WiFi that when I wake the phone the LTE icon is on and quickly switches to WiFi.  In addition, I was FINALLY able to review my most recent data usage with AT&T (that was a battle in itself because they would not admit any fault, they kept assuring me I'm just using the phone more because it's a brand new iPhone).  All my large data transfers occur between 2am-5am.  Regardless of the timezone this activity is reported in, I'm still at home, on wifi, and most likely asleep during those times.  There's no way I could've used that much data with ALL my apps closed off.


    Nonetheless, he's been in contact with "engineers" who have finally confirmed that it is an iOS issue with my phone, but nothing else.  It's been over a week, so hopefully I'll hear something better from them soon.  It's getting frustrating. I've been watching my data like a hawk and on average (since my last phone call with AppleCare) my data seems to be under control, but still 100-200 mb higher than usual being only 6 days into my current billing cycle.


    Since my first call with AT&T and Apple I've turned off many of the Location Services just in case.  It just seems absurd that I would go over my 2gb plan when all I use in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram...

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    Overnight my AT&T phone burned 2.5mb of cell data.  I live in (non LTE) Santa Cruz, CA and use WiFi while at home. I now have 6 items in Notification Center, Facebook has been removed, most of my Location Services apps are turned off and a few apps are now turned off in iCloud. 


    Slowly but surely my phone is turning into a piece of worthless crap.  I've been an Apple fan for years (this is my 3rd iPhone) but am quickly falling out of love. 


    Can anyone recommend an Android replacement?

  • wallacefrombakersfield Level 1 (0 points)

    AT&T followed up and came through with flying colors.  They were sincere about the issue snd offerred to return me to my 2gbyte plan. I said I was dtill concerned about the bug not knowing when it will get fixed. So Teri offerred me a $30 credit for the months I pay for the 3 gbyte Sevice until the bug gets fixed.  Told him they need to work on improving their customer support people skills and he agreed.

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