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I was able to get the configuration profile over to the Apple TV for my WPA2 Enterprise network with the CA certificates, but it will not allow me to connect to the network. I get the error: "Check your settings and try again (-369033213)"


I verified that the same configuration profile works on iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches. Anyone have any ideas?

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    I was able to figure out the problem, without an elegant solution.


    When the Apple TV is turned on and not connected to a network it sets the date to 1/1/1969. This will make your CA security certificate invalid and will not allow you to connect to an 802.1x network. It will allow you to connect to a 802.1x wireless network if you plug in to ethernet first to set the date and time (which is kind of pointless). Hopefully there will be a fix pushed out soon.

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    I was having this same error message today.  I followed your path to fix the problem but the same message happens.  I can't figure out how you set the date.  Any more info could help. 

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    I can confirm this is an issue. The time is getting set to 1/1/1969 and making problems for the 802.1x certs you may be using. Reember you must add the full certificate chain including the intermediate certs if there are any.

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    Apple need to look into fixing this issue. It's beyond a joke as to why they haven't made Enterprise networking a priority let alon multilicensing in Schools state and worldwide.


    If anyone knows a fix that could be altered on certificates, please let me know. Although most schoold environments running a Government based certificate cannot be change or implemented any different than the rest.


    Hopefully there's an update fix soon.