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I was wondering if anybody has tried hooking up two monitors to their MacBook Pro. I am looking the close the laptop screen and work on a dual display (two monitors not mirrored) Of course, one monitor would mirror the latop display. I have a dvi - two dvi cable. If I used that would I get an additional display and a mirrored image of the latop display?


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    Hi Eric

    I have exactly the same question. I would really like to use my macbook for work but need at least 2 monitors, 3 if pos for my job. I am stuck using a PC until i can increase desktop space. Cant even use destop manager yet on the intel macs. Not sure I can convince my boss to buy me an Apple cinema display!

    Can anyone help?


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    Found the answer in Topic: Hooking up to Dell Flat Panel Monitor. You might want to take a look there.
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    Thats looks great! I've used Matrox video cards in the past and they are great. Hopefully they will come out with a dvi version though. But I think I may have another answer. The mbp supports dual monitors using its display as one of them. I have a dvi to dual dvi cable from a previous matrox video card. If the mbp supports dual monitor resolution, then there must be setting to allow you to use that resolution outside of the laptop. (one dvi output mirroring the display and the other independent).
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    I have the same question too. I have a Powerbook g4 right now that I am planning to sell and buy one of the new mac book pro 15". However, I am going to start using this computer at work, so I will need two external monitors in extended desktop mode. So what I am looking for is a way to connect two external displays to the MBP, with the lid close. I saw that the MBP video card is DVI Dual Link to support the 30" apple cinema display. Does this means that there is a way to connect two displays using a "Y" cable? If not, I am not sure that the Matrox dual head solution is very good... and I found a PCMCIA video card, which works with the older laptop, but the MBP has a PCI express slot, so that card does not works. Any ideas????


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    Can't be done.

    One external display, one internal display. The dual-link DVI cannot be split - its not really two DVI outputs, but one DVI output with twice the bandwidth (hence "dual-link").

    Consider getting one 20" and using the internal as display #2.
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    It looks like we're all gonna have to wait until ExpressCard video cards come out before the MacBooks can be 3-monitor capable like the PowerBooks were.
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    Actually, dual-link DVI really is two, distinct TMDS channels in one connector, so in theory at least it really is two DVI outputs in a single connector. But I still agree with you that there is no obvious way to use the two channels to drive two seperate monitors. I am certain a simple DVI splitter cable will not work.
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    We will need more clarification from someone who knows. For instance, there is a company called VillageTronic that sells various cards and cables that can extend PC and Mac laptop video through the PC card slot or with a dual-head cable. However, their existing dual-head cable product is labeled Windows-only. Maybe this has changed with the new MacBook Pro, but someone is going to have to find out for sure.