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    I have a quick question that I hope someone can help me with. If I need to post on a different thread please let me know.


    I have an ATV2 and an iMac. I live in an apartment complex that offers free wifi which I have been using on both devices with no problem. I have lived here for 6 months and during those months I discovered I could not share my iTunes library from my mac to my ATV via wifi for whatever reason (I guess because it's a public network, I really have no idea). I solved this by plugging an ethernet cable directly from my mac to the ATV and the problem was solved. This provided me with my library on my ATV and if I ever wanted to access the internet I could unplug the ethernet cable and logon to the apartment wifi with the ATV and it would work. I was fine with this setup but recently because of an update I can no longer share my itunes library via ethernet cable. I'm not sure if anything changed on one machine or the other but I would appreciate any suggestions from someone who knows more than me.


    My apple tv is model MC572LL/A and has the 5.2 update

    My mac is a 21.5" iMac with OS X 10.8.2


    Thanks guys for your help

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    Unfortunately 5.2 gives me exactly the same problems as the 5.1 and 5.1.1 versions..


    Works ok for about 10-15 minutes on wifi and then can't access the movies stored on my PC..


    This is annoying.. I had to restore my ATV again to 5.02 and it now just works perfectly..


    Please fix this problem because I like the idea of connecting a Bluetooth Keyboard..

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    I recently asked 3 staff at an Apple Store if I can plug my ATV directly into the Ethernet port on my Laptop (to stream movies while I am away on buisiness in a hotel)


    They all told me it was not possible and you had to use a router to connect between the ATV and PC..


    Well it works fine.. I can stream all my Itunes content perfectly (and very quickly) with a direct link via ethernet cable.


    Not only that, but I connected to the Hotel Wifi with my Laptop, and enabled internet sharing and the ATV now also has full internet access via the Laptop..


    I am extremely happy with this as it saves carrying a Router with me.. but why didn't the Apple staff know this??

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    That was it!

    Downgraded to 5.0.2 and all is well in Apple TV Land again.

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    Ok this is getting really annoying...


    1. I have two ATV 3's - both work perfectly on 5.02 Firmware

    2. Both do NOT work on firmware 5.2 - over wifi it lose connection to my PC after 10-15 minutes

    3. Both were downgraded back to 5.02 and work perfectly EVERY day

    4. Today I bought a 3rd ATV3 from the Apple store - was loaded with 5.2 firmware

    5. IT DOES NOT WORK - SAME PROBLEM - after 10-15 minutes it can't see my PC


    Now the REAL Problem!!!!! - it WON"T allow me to downgrade the firmware to 5.02.. it says it is NOT compatible...


    ARRRRRGGHHH -  I want a 3rd ATV for travelling, but if I can't find a way to downgrade this one to 5.02 and therefore make it work I will be taking it back tomorrow!.


    Come on Apple there is still a problem... why can TWO devices work perfectly with 5.02 and yet 5.2 is problematic on 3 different ATVs - I have tried them with several PC's and several different wifi networks and all with the same result..

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    Ok, perhaps I was too hasty in my previous post..


    I have managed to get the ATV3 on Firmware 5.2 working by turning off the Windows Firewall on my PC.


    I don't understand why it always works for 10-15 minutes though and then must be blocked by the firewall?


    But Firmware 5.02 works fine with the firewall turned on??


    Can anyone please advise what I should do to allow the ATV with firmware 5.2 to work through the firewall when it is turned on?



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    I have now managed to get all three ATV 3's working fine with firmware 5.2


    The problem was my Windows Firewall - I opened Ports TCP 123 and 3689 and Ports UDP 123 and 5353 in the Firewall and this has solved the problems I was having completely.. No dropouts and now all ATVs can see my Iturnes music and movies stored on the laptop have been playing multiple movies for over 24 hours straight.


    Finally happy to have found a solution..


    I still don't understand why Firmware 5.02 had no issues with the Windows Firewall but later firmware upgrades did.. ??

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    Same issue here, just bought an ATV3 (March 2013) from Staples and updated via wireless when prompted by Apple TV3 (to vs 5.2+) and was was unable to keep Home sharing connected without havig to shut down and re-open iTunes and at times, the wireless setup on ATV3.  Rather than rolling back update as suggested herein, I opened up the ports (Window 7 - 64 bits) as you suggeted above and seems to work  (was getting disconnected at approx 5 min.); So far so good; will know better in a few days and let yuou all know).  Thanks for the fix Rob2160, it is much appreciated; takes people like you to put large Corp. like apple (with an army of staff) to shame; who knows, they may offer your a job / position :O))






    PS  my ATV2 has worked flalessly for couple years now and still keeps on ticking;  If same woulld have been still avialable at reasonable cost, I would have bought the ATV2 for sure in lieu of ATV3 after reading some of the issues associated with this supposadly better piece of technology.  After having spent hours to research the how to fix this one issue, I'm considering returnng the ATV3 (bought a week ago) and taking a run at WDTV, RUKU,......; they seemed to be more in line to our / consumer needs, hardware and connectivity.

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    Thank, yes opening the ports on the Windows Firewall has fixed all my issues and the ATV3s are working great now for almost a week used heavily each day with no droputs at all.


    please Apple, advise this simple fix in the instructions for the ATV. 


    I spent many frustrating hours of testing, downgrading / upgrading firmware. Testing different PCs and Wifi routers.


    Probably over 20 hours of troubleshooting and research until finding the simple fix just takes 5 minutes...


    Having this solution posted would save many others a lot of grief! 


    Not everyone had the dogmatic OCD that I have that wont let me stop until I work out a solution.

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    For the record, 5.2.1 also works fine now with the Windows Firewall ports opened as per my previous post.

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    Well it seemed to work at first (after opening ports) although now back to square one (connection drops from itune).  I will try the firmware roll back to see if this going to help.



  • Rob2160 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry to hear that.. mine are all working fine still. with the latest update.. no probs watching several movies in succession.

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    I'm interested to learn about opening firewall ports and how that might fix this year long problem.

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