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We recently updated 30 iPads to iOS 6 and now users can't delete apps. We use Apple Configurator to prepare our iPads and once the iPad is prepared and supervised the setting in General - Restrictions - Delete Apps is set to Off and we can't change it to On. If we unsupervise the device and walk through the setup the setting is set to On. As soon as we supervise the device the setting is set to Off again. We have even tried to prepare them without the two profiles we deploy for wireless and a school webclip and get the same results.


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

iPad 2, iOS 6
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    I am in the same boat.  We have almost 8,000 devices and many are getting imaged with iOS6 also.  I have not found a solution.  I am gathering we may have to wait until the new configurator comes out

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    I am seeing this issue (bug?) as well, but I don't think it's an IOS 6 thing unless the version on release day and the next day is different than the current version. I have some iPads that I updated to IOS 6 the day after it came out that can delete apps, but the ones I just updated this week (Oct 1st forward), have the default Supervise profile that prevents app deletion. In the Apple configurator, there is no setting to allow/disallow app deletion (or to edit the default profile for that matter) so we can't change it.

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    I am also seeing this and pulling out my hair trying to figure out where the Supervision Profile > Restiction > Disable Delete Apps came from.   I have iPads with OS 6.0 that have a profile configuration of before Oct 1.  But those after Oct 1 have the restriction.  Anyone hear if there is going to be an update to Apple Configuration soon to fix this?

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    I belive that hte Apple Configurator update yesterday (verison 1.2) should fix this in supervised iOS devices.


    Apple Configurator 1.2 is now available from the Mac App Store. It is only available from the Mac App Store (MAS), not via Software Update. This update addresses several open issues is recommended for all Apple Configurator users. Also, this should fix the compatibility issue with 10.8.2 and VPP code imports.


    The KBase About Apple Configurator 1.2 is available. In the meantime this update improves overall stability and performance, and includes the following:

    • Support for new iOS 6 features (Lock to App and Global HTTP Proxy) on supervised iOS devices
    • Support for these new iOS 6 restrictions on a supervised device:
      • Allow the removal of apps from the device
      • Allow use of iMessage
      • Allow access to iBookstore or the purchase of books classified as "Erotica" from iBookstore
      • Allow filtering of profanity for Siri
      • Allow use of Game Center
      • Allow the installation of new configuration profiles
    • Improved reliability when activating a new iPhone or iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular
    • The last settings used on the Prepare pane are retained when Apple Configurator is quit and relaunched
    • Improved ability to update or restore devices that are currently in recovery mode
    • Members of Active Directory groups are now shown in the Assign pane
    • Paid apps from the App Store can now be installed in the Prepare pane only when a device is being supervised
    • Support for configuring advanced network options on Apple TV
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    Yes, the update for Apple Configurator fixed the issue with not being able to delete apps.