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Less than two months ago, I purchased an iPhone 4S 16G, as well as a LifeProof case, which the dealer told me was superior to an Otterbox. It is touted to be waterproof, dirtproof, snow/iceproof, and shockproof. Up until today, I have been quite pleased with my case, though the screen protector does make it a bit harder to to tap the screen.

Today, I had my phone in my pocket. When I bent over, it fell out and hit the ground from a height of two feet. It was completely in its case, and I had performed all the checks recommended before using the case. It fell on to carpet. When I picked it up, the case was undamaged, but the entire front of my phone was shattered. It look as though it had been hit by a bullet. The screen still worked, but it was covered with tiny shards of glass. The damage seemed focused around the ear speaker at the top of the phone. I have in the past dropped an iPod touch, sans case, face down onto tile, and the damage was about 4x less than the current damage on my phone.

I immediately called Apple, who told me that the warranty did not apply to my situation (though this was not a surprise). I would have to replace my phone, refurbished for $150 or new for $200. I then called LifeProof, at which point I discovered that their warranty only covers the case. They will not refund your phone, though they offered to give me a new case. The person I spoke to told me that he used a LifeProof case, and that his screen had cracked several times while using it. He recommended going to an independent phone dealership who would repair my screen.

In short, this overpriced case does almost nothing. To be fair, I have had no problems with the waterproof aspect of the case. However, it will not protect your phone from even the most minor drop that would normally not damage the phone at all. I have seen several accounts of LifeProof owners who put their phone in their pocket and pull it out cracked. This case is not worth $1, let alone $80.

For emphasis, I have included some photos of what my phone looks like after the fall. Remember, this was only two feet and onto carpet while in the supposedly shock-proof case.             


iPhone 4S
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    Had someone at work with a lifeproof case come to me a while ago to ask if they could borrow my charger. Don't remember what prompted her to take the phone out of the case when she did, but the entire back was shattered and literally fell out in pieces. She was horrified. No idea how long ago it was broken. At least the case kept her from slicing up her hand for a while...

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    I'm sorry about your phone, and maybe i've just gotten lucky, but my lifeproof has been through **** and back twice, my phone is fine. However, I did leave my phone screen protector on (never had any issues with the touch feedback like lifeproof suggested i would) and I've taken the case off hundreds of times, it still works like day one. I think for all I've been through the case is all I owe to my phone being okay.


    Sorry again about your phone, tough break, maybe lifeproof changed their cases up a bit.

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    I know how you feel. I have the life proof case too. It has cracked my phone twice. The first time they replaced the case, but then it cracked again. My family has this case too but have never cracked theirs. I guess I have bad luck

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    Sorry about your phone, i had the same problem but the lifeproof case never pertects your phone 100%. Lifeproof is an amazing case it works better then any other case ive seen, its not like your phone would have been better off with out it. Ive droped it from the top of a building and its been fine, ive used it all over a water park and recorded my self on every ride. You use the case at your own will, its just about haveing luck. I step on mine one day after soccer practice and craked my scrren. the inpact of the fall effects the phone in may ways, your screen is not flexable, even if its the best case money can buy it can crack. The best way to pertect your phone is buy haveing a stick on screen pertector on while having your life proof case on. Make sure to visit there site to look for screen pertectors they recommend for use with there case. At the end every phone can get missed up, the best pertection is having insurance from your phone company.

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    Honestly I have to say I don't believe that was what happened my case has been dropped on concrete many times and its also fallen from heights of 4-5 feet with no issue. This lifeproof case is amazing. The employees who work at the company are more than understanding. Right on the box and the sticker that comes on the case it says they don't replace the electronic if it is damaged while in the case. There's no way just dropping it on carpet did that damage especially from only 2 feet. Any case you get won't protect your phone 100% but this one is pretty close to it .

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    Same happened to me - though I dropped it on concrete, not carpet - that's truly shocking!


    My lifeproof case was about a week old at the time - and yes, it survived the fall... just not the phone!


    Nothing's "lifeproof" I guess...

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    Yes. I agree not to buy this case. I lightly tossed my phone in this case onto a shirt. When it hit the shirt it cracked. In the same spot that yours did. But I only have two cracks. It's not shattered.

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    I purchased the lifeproof case for my iphone 4s several months ago because a friend said it was the best case she'd ever owned. Apparently she has never dropped her phone from a height over a foot! On two occassions since the August case purchase, I have dropped my phone from a height a little over two or three feet and damaged the screen. The first break was in a bathroom which shattered the front glass, the second drop was last night in the parking lot of my work. The second scenario didn't shatter the screen, it was worse! I will probably have to replace the entire phone this go round. I replaced the screen the first time thinking it was a fluke, or just a case of bad luck, but after last night, I am convinced this case was a waste of money. I don't recommend this case to anyone that has a case of the "dropsies" when it comes to expensive electronics, I should have stayed with the bulkier otterbox. I will say, in lifeproof's defense, that the waterproofing claim is legitimately correct but it's the only "protection" feature worth mentioning.

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    thanks for the heads up, now im convinced that this case is not worth my money.

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    2 feet on carpet? I'm calling BS on that one.

    Like many others, I've used lifeproof since they came out. They had some design problems with some of their first-version products but most of those are solved in the newer versions (and they'll swap you out for a newer version if you're nice).

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    All broken iPhones were dropped 2 feet on a shag carpet.


    Just like all drunk drivers only had 2 beers.


    It is the law.

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    Dunno about the shag carpet - but I honestly dropped mine from 3 feet on stone. My belief is that the case actually increases the impact by creating an extra point of contact in the fall.

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    The lifeproof case's are good. If you dont buy a fake one. May i ask how high the drop was? beacuse some only go from pocket hight.


    Thank's for your time.

    Apple Support Communities.


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    I don't believe this at all. I have literally thrown my phone at full speed at concrete walls and thrown it in basketball hoops and let it fall to the concrete ground and my phone is completely fine just as it was. The Lifeproof case is a god that has saved my phone from breaking on several occasions. I love this case so much because the waterproof feature is incredible and I throw my phone across rooms and at walls and nothing happens to my phone. So, I just think you have a fake case pretending to be a Lifeproof or you just have a crappy phone because Lifeproof cases are the best things ever invented.


    You're welcome.

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