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Having problems with the podcast app not showing up podcasts.  If I slide the subscription button on it shows the newest one up in the list but after I click download it does nothing.  I upgraded to iOS 6 on release with the iPad I use for my video podcasts I watch.  I can download them on my iPhone 4 through iTunes with no problem. Any suggestions on what's wrong or how to fix it?   


Ps. Using same Internet connection with the same Internet settings if that helps.

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 6
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    I am having similar issues. Several podcasts work fine, no problems. For others, I get persistent problems.

    A few I can't download or stream at all. Some I can stream fine, but when I try to download, it stalls at "Preparing to download..." forever. Sometimes this eventually fails with a notice that the podcast couldn't be downloaded, other times, it just stays that way indefinitely. A few times by restarting the phone (not just the app, the whole phone), a podcast episode that was stalled before will start downloading. Its inconsistent and frustrating.  None of these issues seem to occur in iTunes on the Mac, also with the same internet connection.