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Since upgrading to IOS6 and iPhone 5 I noticed that my Hotmail account does not behave as it did before the upgrade.  Prior to the upgrade, Hotmail was set up as a POP3 service, with settings that allowed user to retain email on the server.  Thus, if you read or deleted email on the iPhone or iPad, you still had it on your Macbook or iMac.  With the new IOS, there is an option for an easier ADD Email for Hotmail.  If you utilize the easy setup, you get no choices in how IOS device handles your email - if you read you incoming email on the iPhone, the email is automatically grayed out as READ on the laptop.  If you delete the email on the iPhone, the email is deleted on the Mac.  There are no settings that allow you to modify the behaviour of the mail account, unless you delete the account and reinstall using the "Other" service.


Is this a "FEATURE" or was there a mistake made by Apple in how it manages Hotmail accounts?

iPhone 5, iOS 6