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I attempted to backup my iPhone to iCloud but it said I needed more storage space. So I ordered more for $20. But the backup said it was going to take 8 hours to complete. Thus, I don't want to use iCloud to backup my phone. Had I known it would take so long, I wouldn't have bothered purchasing more storage space. I would like to receive a refund. I heard I can request one within 15 days but I can't find where I make my request. I tried emailing Apple Store Support but was told I had to contact the iCloud Support Team. But their email did not give me instructions as to how to do that. And I can't reply to their email. I suspect Apple is getting disjointed like all big companies. What do I do?

Safari 5.1, Mac OS X (10.7), MacBook Pro (latest model, 17")
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    i had this same problem you have to either call the icloud team or have apple call u and they will direct you to a manager of icloud and they will ask you for your security ?s and other information have your debit/credit ready sa well i did the same thing i asked for a refund they said it will take a couple days but i still have not got it hopefully i get it soon

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    I agree - you need to speak to Apple on the phone about this. And you need to make sure you are speaking with the correct department.


    For me, it turned out that Apple could not find a record of my having purchased the extra iCloud storage, even though it shows up in my account (if I look at my transactions in iTunes) and it showed up on my credit card statement. I worked with an Applecare Senior Advisor/Supervisor who tried everything but could never find the transaction. So they just credited my card $20. And yet I still have the extra storage on my account. I think the confusion has to do with a couple of things. 1) Apple gave extra storage to those folks who migrated over from MobileMe, but for some reason my iCloud only had 5 GB of space. 2) My main Apple ID that I use to purchase everything turned out to be separate from my .Mac/MobileMe/iCloud account. So it's possible the extra, free storage went to my .Mac account and not to the iCloud account attached to my main Apple ID. I hope Apple figures this out someday and cleans up the whole Apple ID mess.


    All I know is, I got my $20 back.