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    If its taking blurry pictures its because you have set it down to hard screen up u need to jar the lens by hitting it screen down. Not to break it but just jar it loose. It works I promise!

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    Just return to apple! People are talking about snaking the phone and stupid stuff. Take it to apple, new one and on your way home in minutes

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    Yeah he's right going to on apple store dealing with them on physical damage not "electrical" damage getting a new phone having to sit and restore it is way better than giving it a good bump! But don't set you new one down 2 hard or ill repeat the hole thing again!

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    "IcarusII" is correct!!  I gently-ish tapped my phone face down on the desk (with it's protective cover on) and it is no longer blurry!! Fixed!! What the???  Let me be clear was NOT hard enough to do damage which is VERY concerning that this could fix it!  Thanks "IcarusII" for the post!!  This is one of the reasons I was afraid to switch to the iphone from Droids becasue I had heard they were not as tough as the Droids.  My old Droid took some good falls and I never had a problem.  Strike one Apple!!  I have only had my phone for less than a month when today I noticed blurry pics, would not focus unless only a few inches away from subject. Spoke to Apple support and they reset phone and it didn't work.  They suggested I call them later when I can get to my home computers Itunes to back up phone and do a full factory reset to detect if it was a software issue.  The back up plan was to have the hardware repaired it the full reset did not work.  Luckily I read all the way through this post and fixed it myself, however; I am afraid this could happen again...what a disappointment

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    I am sorry to hear about your experience but mine has been quite different. I am on my 3rd generation of iPhone spanning about five years. I have dropped all of my phones (from about pocket level) and never experiences any problem. But, I have always had some minimal case protection (including the i4 numbers which was really minimal).



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    I am having the same issue, the pics are blurry and not printable even with HDR option. I bought it in Switzerland and returned to my country. I just found out the problem when I compare with another iphone5 taking the same pic at the same time. Quite disappointed cause there's no apple store in my country so I dont know how to fix this

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    Smacking the phone down on the table just worked for me!

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    If you carry it in a pocket it will collect lint which propagates into the phone through the speaker holes. I have had to have it cleaned once already and it needs it again. The old phones have lint screens at these locations so no lint gets into the phone. Word of advice don't carry your phone in jeans pockets. Very linty in there. A vacuum helps but not much.

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    Protip: DO NOT BUY AN IPHONE5 for ITS CAMERA. IT *****! And it is very expensive.


    I am really disappointed, Apple. I was expecting a good camera. I have an HTC Sensation XE which takes great pictures AT NIGHT. Why is not the same for the iPhone5?


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    Funny moderately slamming it face down worked as Icarusll suggested!  But for how long...?

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    Just thought I would give you an I have gotten more used to my phone and more Apple "savvy" I have learned to LOVE my new iPhone!! The camera hasn't acted up again and this user friendly phone and Siri have been so helpful in keeping me organized and in touch with my personal / business schedule!! I just felt it deserved a positive shout out!!

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    It's been 4 months since it happened to mine and it's still all good! I am so thankful for this thread cause the Apple Support people weren't able to help. I've even dropped it a few more times since then but I did upgrade to a stronger case!

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    I also have the same problem. Did the replacement is free? Or it will me? Thanks

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    This worked for me as well, to my shock!  I did not update the iOS, but the camera became blurry and the autofocus was out of whack.  A sharp (but not hard) hit to the table with the face down fixed the blurring.   (in respone to:



    I was having the same problem today and I fixed it by hitting face down on my desk. I guess the problem was setting it down to had face up. It works perfect and focus like normal now.)

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    I had the same problem. On another thread I read someone dropped their phone downward(front camera facing down) and it fixed the problem. I tried it myself and it also worked.