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     Ok well hopefully someone has a good answer for this because I know numerous techs that currently work for apple that are going to have some very colorful stories to tell their familes over dinner about an irate customer they were trying to "help" earlier in the day.  After updating to iOS 6 I suddenly realized that not only was every App, contact, and song missing but also every picture that I had on my phone.  I began to sigh a sigh of relief when I realized that after syncing with itunes the Apps, contacts, and songs were replaced with great haste until I realized that I still had none of my pictures.  Mind you alot of the pictures are saved in otehr locations on the computer and some to my email but there are several pictures of my twin baby girls that have been saved over the course of the last 8 months that were only on the camera roll.  I looked into the issue a bit and found a solution that looked promising.  Restore the iPhone 4s to the backup file that was made by iTunes that was before the pictures were all erased.  Followed the manual perfectly only to recieve error messages about how there is not enough space on my hard drive to create a file.  Not only is there more than enough space but the message itself is extremely confusing because I am not trying to make a file....I am trying to apply a file that is already on the C Drive to the iPhone through iTunes.  I have manually went into my hard drive and located where the file is being kept.  Mind you it is all encrypted but after the arduous task of adding up all of the little file's and big file's sizes I have come to the conclusion that this is indeed the backup file seeing as how before all my information got molested I had a little under a gig of space of my phones 13.5 capacity and after adding aaaaaaalllllll the files together in the "backup" folder I came out to a figure of ~12.5.  If anyone is willing to or can help then please do because currently teh words irrate and ****** don't begin to illustrate the anger that is boiling within me at the thought of paying a company for a service and being a loyal customer and then having 8 months of memories ripped away because of some glitch or mishap.  Thanks    (to whoever can help, not to Apple ((Apple can rot and die for all I care))  )

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