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It started after the latest update. Lion Version 10.7.5 -  I shut down and when I start it back up, it stays at the gray screen. A bar shows the progress, but it never did this before. Takes at least 5 minutes. It never did that before the last update.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Virtual Machine w/ Window 7
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    I found out that it was my hard drive that was failing thus taking very long to boot up. If you are experiencing this after the last Lion update, take you Mac to the Apple store for analysis. Back it up immediately! You will probably need a new hard drive. Expect to spend $215 + tax. Sorry for the bad news, but I just went through it. If you don't have an external drive for back up, sign up for Google Drive or Drop Box, compress your files and transfer them to the online drives.

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    The drive may not be bad....it may just need some fixing up.


    Try doing a Disk Repair on that drive while booted up on your Recovery Disk. Skip the verify. Then boot the repaired drive.