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Mo_Jiwa Level 1 Level 1

Has anyone else noticed that the headphone volume output with the iPhone 5 is considerably lower than with previous models?

I've checked the volume limiter and all the usual stuff, but I cannot find a way to make this "normal" again. Even on its loudest setting, it's sometimes not loud enough, especially for spoken word content.


Any ideas on why this is/can it be fixed?

iPhone 5, iOS 6
Solved by CoopUK on Oct 15, 2012 5:13 AM Solved
I had the same problem with my Bose in ear headset.Unboxed and connected the new iPhone 5 headset - problem solved, thank goodness!!Looks like iPhone5 doesn't like certain headphone connectors!!!!
  • bordell Level 1 Level 1

    Yes ive got the same problem please Apple respond to this post !!! need too boost this up ive got a hearingproblem so really need to get it higher!

  • snoopjos Level 1 Level 1

    Got the same problem!! have to say that im really dissapointed with this..there should be an option to allow you to have it louder than what the max is now. Some tunes u can barley hear anything!

    You need to come up with an update to fix this pronto!

  • MP 3000 Level 1 Level 1

    After upgrading from my iphone 4 to an iphone 5 last night, I'm having the same issue :-(

    Using the iphone 4 my Beats by Dr. Dre's rumble on my head at less than full volume...but at full volume on the iphone 5 it's at least 20% lower than the 4!

  • 123skywalker Level 1 Level 1

    i have the same problem, compared to my Iphone 4, sound-volume is lower on my Iphone 5:((( also experience that the sound is not as "big, spacious" as on the 4. really disapointing...

  • 123skywalker Level 1 Level 1

    I've tested it further today, and sadly i can add words like narrower, less present and thinner sound to the sound-picture . would be so interesting to know exactly what the sound-engineers changed with the music-player on the 5 compared to the one on the 4..  i really expected that on a later version of the iphone, should mean improvement in soundquality, and not worse . as a keen music-lover, i'm not happy with this.

  • Mo_Jiwa Level 1 Level 1

    Will someone from Apple please respond as it's clearly an issue amongst multiple users. We all like our music and we don't want to have to suffer, especially as previous models have performed better in this area.

    Is this a hardware problem, or something that can be resolved by a simple patch update? Any light you can shed will at least help ease our minds somewhat.

  • 123skywalker Level 1 Level 1

    well said!! cards on the table, please!

  • Level 1 Level 1


    Finally its not just me!!! Apple wake up forget maps and other stuff just drop it and look at this hardware/software ISSUE!!!!....


    This is a major issue and thought I was on my own with this, Apple have you changed the cirrus audio chip compared to the 4s because if you have to make it lighter well I don’t care I would prefer it heavier and have a better sound output and quality to boot?


    I have been to an apple store at the weekend and can confirm that one of the guys there said yes its noticeable but he tested it against a 4s, he replaced the iPhone 5 for a brand new one and yep you guessed it exactly the same volume issues 15-20% lower output but I had left the shop at this point, I’m a musician and I use ultimate custom ears with my phone so I know I’m right.


    Seriously guys you need to address this issue rapidly!!, I’m a fan and so is a friend of mine and we both have loads of apple products but concerning the iPhone 5 we both felt like they missed the boat and that possibly the 4s could be the peak when jobs was at the helm making sure every little detail was sorted before shipping.


    So Apple - like other users say why/what/and when?


    1. can a patch fix this volume issue? ios 6.1
    2. cirrus audio chip used is of lesser quality than 4/4s?
    3. 3.when do we expect something to be done about it?


    I'm actually contemplating exchanging for a 4s and getting my money back as apps aren’t fully using the screen yet it’s not blazing fast to the point am amazed and lightening adaptor...don’t even get me started...but I would, purely to just listen to my music at a volume I control, oh and new ear pods...rubbish if I worked there I would just ship the product with a controller and let customers buy headphones separately???


    Apple seems a bit lost at sea and WHY did they let it ship so soon? This is not what we have come to expect from a class leading company.

  • 123skywalker Level 1 Level 1
  • Thrillcollins Level 1 Level 1

    I've had the last 4 iPhones and the 4s was definitely the best for sound. Presumably with the launch of the ear pods apple have thought everyone would use them, and as they produce sound towards your ear canal they've thought they best tone it down a little to prevent ear damage. Quiet disappointed, as a music lover the last thing I want use is a stock pair of earphones! Especially after spending so much money on high quality pairs. Apple really need to sort this out.

  • dpapadimitriou Level 1 Level 1

    I'm noticing the same problem. I'm really not happy either because I primarily got the 5 for the faster processor. I use it with guitar apps like ampkit and amplitube.....but when you go into guitar you have to crank up gains and stuff due to the 15db pad that iphone 5 has. apple please fix and address. I don't know how to work around either except for a headphone amp

  • threllyp Level 1 Level 1

    im also having this problem, some of my music is just unlistneable because the volume is so low, really dissapointed with this as i mainly use my iphone for my music. I have found myself listening to it on my mac instead now as the volume is slightly better on that, but thats not the point of owning an iphone you can store all your music on is it. Hopefully apple will resolve this in an update, i also dont like the warnings of 'high volume' and the changing colour of the bar - i think we are all able to decide what volume we think is suitable for ourselves!


    In the meantime i would suggsest those of us having problems to submit a complaint via feedback to apple, if only so we know someone will actually read how many of us are having this problem


  • zeesh1986 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the same problem!


    Juut compared the sound output of the iPhone 5 and my old iPhone 3GS. Hands down, the sound output of the 3GS was much higher. Is this some sort of defect. Hardware/software???


    Should I exchange the product I have? Anyone have any idea. Want to know what the siutation is or if there's even a point of getting it exchanged if the other one will have the same issue. I do find it hard to believe apple would have done this on purpose. Hence making me think that this product may be faulty.

  • MP 3000 Level 1 Level 1

    Unfortunately I doubt that its an actual fault with the phone, and hope that it can be fixed with the next IOS update. I conducted an audio test using a 3GS, an iPhone 4 and x2 iPhone 5's running through a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre Studios using the same track from the same source at 320kbps...and by far, the two iPhone 5's volume level was inferior to that of the 3Gs and the 4! And even when you take the volume issue out of the equation...the clarity of the audio on the 5 also leaves a lot to be desired. 

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