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My screen suddenly goes into sleep mode while I am working and i have to log in again

MacBook Pro with Retina display, Mac OS X (10.7.5), Early 2011
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    My screen also suddenly goes to sleep and I also have a problem when my Retina D Mac turns on from sleep; sometimes there is long wait until I can start typing my password in the log-in screen.

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    I've also been having this problem since I purchased my Macbook Pro.  Have trawled several forums and people have posted up fixes for different platforms and OS versions.


    However, what I don't see is anything definitive from Apple support, anywhere.  Please could someone from Apple support send out some form of update to acknowledge that this is a known problem already under investigation, what the current status is, and when we can expect a fix or next update? 


    If there is already a case open for this please could we know more details?  I'm sure there must be some generic case reference for this as so many MBP owners seem to be affected.


    I'm thinking about taking my machine to my local Apple store and demanding a refund, so I can take my business elsewhere.... very disappointing user experience, and a shame as I would like to have recommended MBP for my team, but not this is not something we could live with.... or is there where your Apple support contract is supposed to kick in?  If so, I definitely want my money back.

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    this issue has been fixed a long time ago by apple as far as I know