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Hi I'm learning to color correct in Apple Color 1.5 and I can't figure out how to see my keyframes.  They should appear at the bottom of the screen in/under the timeline.  I see the thumbnails for each clip.  Below the thumbnails are horizontal bars representing the overall Grade and corrections I've made in individual rooms (P1, S1, CFX, etc).  From what I can tell, below that there should be a horizontal representation of the keyframes, but I've got nothing.  I tried adding a few keyframes in different rooms to see if something would activate and appear, but I still have nothing.


All the videos I've seen that show a screen capture of someone working with keyframes in Color show those little keyframe markers present exactly where I've described above, but I have yet to find anyone turning them on or off.  I've been through all the dropdowns and can't seem to find any place these are turned off or on.  Can anyone tell me what may have happened and how I might get these keyframes turned back on so I can see and work with them?


In case it matters, I've sent this timeline over from FCP, intending to round trip.



Color, Mac OS X (10.7.5)