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Hi I downloaded the New Looks for Color 1.5 that Apple provided, which are basically new boxes for the Color FX tab in Apple Color 1.5.


In the installation instructions, it says to copy the folders into this location:  /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Color/Effects/


The problem is, this location doesn't seem to exist.  There isn't a folder called "Library" in the Users/username folder.  When apple sent out Lion, did they change the way this path is structured or something?


I do find a "Library" folder in the root level of my boot drive.  And it does have a folder in it called "Application Support," but there isn't a "Color" folder in it.  Does anyone have any ideas where the real location is to install these files?


Incidentally, I did try looking in the Color FX Bin tab inside the Color FX room in Color for information.  I tried searching in finder for any of the pre-existing Looks that are listed there, but they don't come up anywhere on my system...though they are there in the application.  Perhaps the real file name is something different than is listed there?



Color, Mac OS X (10.7.5)