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I got my iPhone 5 last week.  It was connecting to the internet just fine, until today.   Well I stay home most of the time and use wifi, but when I went out to have dinner with friends and tried to go online, it won't connect.  I had full bars, and it does say that there is LTE.  But then I get a "no connectivity" message.  I tried my friend's ip4, and his ip4 was able to connect to the internet just fine.  It was embarrassing that my supposedly better iPhone5 could not connect to the internet.  I tried everything from turning my iPhone off and then on, resetting network settings, resetting all settings, but there's still no connectivity.  This is starting to annoy me.  The reason why I love my iphones is that they're consistently dependable.  This is the first this has happened, and I hope they fix whatever the issue is.  Will be calling AT & T tomorrow.