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After the IOS6 Upgrade I found users with iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 having internet problem at home on WIFI.
I also found the same on my own iPhone 4 and my iPad 2



Problem : device connects to the WIFI after some time the internet seems to stop working. (some people reported 30sec-15min)
The device is still connected but internet is not working from over WIFI.
My Wife went over her data plan for the fist time and I think it was due to this problem.

In my own test I found that turn on and off WIFI will get the internet working but not for long.

in most of my testing on my own device, Internet would stop working after starting to use the internet.

60sec of netflixs and it would stop yet 4-5 mins of facebook reading. (I think its something to do with the amout of internet your pulling and time has nothing to do with this)


In my testing i did a full IOS6 Reset without restoring from a backup, and found the same problem.

I tested this with No Apps downloading and loged on and off of itunes on the device.


I have seen other reports of this on the intenet but only for iPhone 5 devices, but i am seeing it on all IOS6 Devices.




If you have seen this problem also please Mark this question or reply with what models you have seen and number of devices

iPhone 4, iOS 6, internet problems
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