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iphone not scyning with outlook

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    I same problem

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    Since newest iTunes version, I´ve lost scyning between iPhone and Outlook calendar.

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    My calendar updates stopped syncing since going ITunes 11.0.1. For whatever reason, I have found that if I go to Info in ITunes and change "Sync Calendars with outlook" to "All calendars" or change to "Selected calendars" and check "Calendar", then select "Apply" at the bottom, the calendars will sync. I have to do this each time.

    Hope this helps until Apple fixes this.

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    Why does Apple just not simply release any old iTunes version that is working fine, so I can still sync my Outlook 2010 calender with my iPhone again with it? Without that it is all worthless!!!

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    I same problem

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    Then you are in trouble too! No one seems to care about this issue from Apple side at all!? Even this thread is now already 5 month old. Still no workaround or solution available. Apple does not care about their customers - only about their money!

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    It appears Apple wants you to use the ICloud app. I installed it on my PC and tied the phone to it, it all works seamless now. Just another 2 hours of knowledge I DIDN'T WANT!

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    may be that works for you and may be you they want us to use the iCloud.

    However, this is no solution of that for me:

    1. I don't want to use the iCloud

    2. I can't use the iCloud to sync the outlook calender of my companies notebook with my private iPhone.:

    the computer is not directly connected to the internet, it is connected to the companies internal network. internet access is only via a company's internet proxy.


    I just simply want to sync the calender with my Iphone via cable (or maybe via bluetooth connection). This is not rocket science it is a well know mechanism since the first PDA's and organizers were around in the 80's/90's. All other smartphones are able to do so - only the bloody iPhone does not support this anymore, as it was supported in the past. This is - excuse me - holly ****!!!

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    Apple does not seem to care about not being user friendly with microsoft.  Why can't we specify WHAT we want to sync in icloud for contacts, calendars. email and tasks like before? everything is lumped so you CAN'T be selective.  It's all or nothing...

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    I have setup icloud in outlook2010 sync with the contacts only. When I create new contact fro iphone 5 or outlook 2010. the contact is not updating. Any idea?