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I submitted this in feedback to Apple but was curious if other users of a 4S with IOS6 installed have the same glitch in items 2 and 3.  My colleague who has a iPhone 4 and IOS6 does not have the same issue as in 3...obviously 2 doesn't even apply to him.




I have noted some odd behavior with my 4S that has been updated to IOS6.



1.  Game Center:  When entering text sometimes the keyboard would display in Landscape when the phone was clearly held in portrait and the fact that Game Center doesn't support landscape.  The keyboard would display in landscape mode for about a second then flip to portrait but show only half of the keyboard and display it in the middle of the screen.  I have a screen shot of this.



2.  When telling siri to set a timer, it would do so appropriately but the timer would display 1:29:52 AM.  Have no idea why AM would be displayed on a timer.  I have a screen shot of this.



3.  Re the timer.  If the timer tab on the clock app was opened for the above time it is displayed as such...."h:1:29 a"  When the timer goes below an hour left, the display is correct as 59:52 and counts down.  Setting a timer above an hour on the timer app also displays incorrectly.



4.  It appears that sometimes Siri activates when raising the phone in inappropriate times.  For example, I would start to play a new voicemail and raise the phone to listen to it, but Siri would always activate and stop the message.



I have restored my phone and, as of now, items 1 and 4 seem to have been resolved.  However, 2 and 3 have not.